MDF characteristics purchase knowledge

The MDF is also a commonly used plate. The logs are degreased and peeled, pulverized into wood chips and then formed by high temperature and high pressure. The density is very high, so it is called a MDF. The surface is often decorated with tripolyhydrogen ammonia or veneer. surface. MDFs of different densities are generally better at higher densities, but if the environmental standards are comprehensive, then they must be considered in full, because the higher the density, the more glue is used.

Because the MDF is made of wood powder extrusion, the structure is compact, the surface is flat, the processing is simple, it is not easy to be damp-deformed, and the formaldehyde content is low, which is very suitable for on-site furniture, but the nail holding power is not strong, due to its structure. It is wood powder and has no grain. Therefore, when the nail or the screw is tightened, especially if the screw is tightened more than twice in the same place, the fastening force will be lost.

Medium and high density boards are also easy to rework due to their soft and impact resistant properties. At the same time, because of its fine fibers, it is better shaped than other wood-based panels. Therefore, in general, laminate flooring, baking varnish panels and plastic panels (molded panels) are made of medium-high density boards. In foreign countries, medium and high density boards are a good material for making furniture.

MDF furniture is made of wood-based panels because of its intrinsic materials, so its materials are not easy to deform, no insects, no defects on the surface. When purchasing MDF furniture, in addition to the fancy style and color, you should also pay attention to the following points:

MDF furniture surface cleanliness. The surface of the MDF furniture with good surface cleanliness should have no obvious particles. The particles are caused by the introduction of impurities during the pressing process, which not only affects the appearance, but also makes the paint film easy to peel off; the surface is smooth. Since the furniture must be coated with a proper amount of wax after painting, the surface should be smooth when touched by hand. If it feels awkward, the processing is not in place.

MDF furniture surface flatness. The surface of the MDF should be bright and flat. If the surface is not flat from the side, it indicates that there is a problem with the material or coating process;

MDF furniture surface paint film hardness. The paint film of MDF furniture should be made of harder, brighter and more transparent polyester paint, otherwise it will be easy to damage the surface after cleaning the furniture.

It is also important to note that the formaldehyde content of MDF furniture should not exceed the standard. The pungent taste is definitely beyond the standard.

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