Fireproof panels need to pay special attention to two points when constructing construction projects.

There are also many techniques for the construction of fireproof panels in construction projects. Two of them should pay special attention to:


  First, the nails of the fixed plate must be rust-removed or stainless steel nails. Some overseas regulations directly require that the nails used in the construction of glass-magnesium fireproof panels must be stainless steel nails. Because of the presence of chloride salts in the glass-magnesium fireproof board, the chloride salt is iron Corrosion is well known in the world. Many Chinese fireproof panels have been exposed to rust on the surface of the embedded nail head for more than a year. After a period of time, the rust will become a mass. But the more humid the environment, the earlier this problem is exposed, To avoid this ill, it is necessary to ensure that the nail is not rusted.


  2. Caulking materials for fire board construction. The caulking material used in this product should have a certain flexibility and expansion properties to prevent the sheet from being sewn. This caulking material is not allowed to be formulated and is not costly, and is supplied or supplied by the sheet production plant.

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