Work fine Nuojie white maple series sliding wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] products: Nojie Baifeng series sliding wardrobe

Brand: Novo wardrobe

Nojie wardrobe

This Notier wardrobe door panel is made of melamine particle board. The exterior is made of embossed brushed surface, which is non-slip, dustproof, UV-resistant, with clear texture and fine workmanship. The middle belt is made of glass and decorated with regular dots, so that the entire wardrobe will not appear monotonous. There is a dust-proof strip on the back of the sliding door to ensure that the wardrobe is not easy to dust, and the details can be seen. The layout of the wardrobe is reasonable, in addition to the quilt area, the short-cloth area, the clothes rail and the metal pants rack, there are also a number of drawers. The hidden full-length mirror can be pulled up into the closet when not in use, and does not occupy space at all.

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