Inkjet printer component detection methods and techniques

In the daily work process, sudden failure of the inkjet printer is a headache for office workers. How to carry out preliminary tests can quickly solve minor problems. Xiao Bian sorts out the methods and techniques for the detection and maintenance of common printer parts in order to meet the needs of the majority of users.

First, the interface circuit of the rapid repair method

If the printer can print, but the specified content cannot be printed, "@@@@@......" or other characters appear, and similar problems occur when performing self-test printing. Mostly, the interface circuit is damaged. The interface circuit of the printer belongs to the digital circuit, judge whether it is damaged, can use the integrated circuit detector to carry on the detection.

Since the model of the interface chip is roughly the same, it can also be replaced by a replacement method. If the interface chip can work normally, the interface chip is damaged. Most of the new printer interface chips are not directly soldered, but are mounted using integrated circuit sockets, so it is not too difficult to replace them. For an older printer installing an integrated circuit, an integrated circuit socket can be soldered, which will facilitate maintenance.

Second, the inkjet head cleaning system failure

Under normal circumstances, after the inkjet printer is turned on, the inkjet head is driven by the word carriage and moves to the head cleaning unit to perform an automatic cleaning head program. The ink absorber of the head cleaning system starts to suck and clean the head, and the cleaning is completed. After that, the nozzle is sealed by the sealing rubber on the nozzle holder to ensure the cleanness of the inkjet head. When the inkjet head cleaning system malfunctions, the nozzles make an error during the cleaning process. The following processing can be performed at this time:

1. Some parts of the inkjet head cleaning system are damaged, such as aging of the sealing rubber parts. Damaged components should be replaced.

2. The main control board is faulty. It is necessary to determine whether to replace or repair the main control board according to the inspection conditions.

3. The paper feed motor operates abnormally. Since the driving of the cleaning unit in the ink jet head transfers power through the paper feed motor, when the motor malfunctions, the head cleaning system naturally suffers. Check and repair the paper feed motor. Replace the motor if necessary.

4. The word car motor drive has a fault. Since the carriage returns to the left end (some printers are at the right end) at the initial position, the paper feed motor can be driven by the paper feed mechanism to drive the head cleaning system and the automatic paper feeder etc. When the word carriage motor drive fails, The carriage cannot be normally moved to the head cleaning unit to perform the cleaning procedure. Check and repair the word car motor and its drive circuit.


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