Guide to the purchase and maintenance of solid wood furniture

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] At present, there are many solid wood furnitures, but many consumers only know some solid wood furniture knowledge on the surface, and they don’t know how to protect the furniture they buy home. Therefore, I found a manufacturer specializing in the production of pure solid wood furniture to sort out this article for the reference of consumers.

1. How to choose solid wood furniture

Pure solid wood furniture is made of solid wood, so there is no edge banding, the texture of the horizontal (horizontal) and vertical (vertical) lines and the annual rings can be followed. The longer the time, the darker the color; the smoother the hair Bright, if some parts meet this feature, some do not match, the description is solid wood furniture combined with wood and wood. If the joint points of the parts have edge sealing, the furniture surface has the natural texture unique to the wood, but the color is blue, use After a period of time, the color does not change, indicating that it is solid wood veneer furniture.

Solid wood furniture is colored, and there is no solid wood furniture without the whole color difference. There is no wood that looks the same, and the lines that are spliced ​​are not the same.

• Many people think that the solid wood made of solid wood furniture is bigger and better, and those that are spliced ​​together with small pieces are definitely not used for small materials and scraps. This is not the case. In the northern region, the climate is dry, and the wood products are easily deformed and cracked. The larger the wood blocks are, the more likely they are to be. If the size is small, the possibility of deformation and cracking of wood products can be reduced. It is for this reason that manufacturers of solid wood furniture have to cut large pieces of wood into small pieces and then join them together.

2. Solid wood furniture maintenance

Small areas of damage to wooden furniture can be repaired with appropriate materials and careful maintenance at some details.

1. Scratches and nicks

You can use the color pen to color the scratches, and use the color pen to draw gently in the direction of the wood grain. Then use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess toner in time. If the scratch surface is too deep, consult a furniture repair specialist.

2. Water marks

Water marks usually take a while to disappear. If they have not subsided after one month, wipe them with a clean rag with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise.

3. Hot marks

Use a dry, ultra-fine furniture steel wool directly in the direction of the wood grain, then wipe it with a clean soft cloth, and finally glaze.

4. Paper stickers

Use salad oil to completely soak the paper. After a few minutes, use the special steel wool for furniture to wipe directly in the direction of the wood grain, dry it and polish it.

Three major factors affecting wooden furniture

1. Natural beauty

Because there are no two identical trees and two identical materials, each product has its own unique characteristics. The natural properties of wood, such as mineral threads, color and texture changes, needle joints, resin capsules and other natural marks. It makes the furniture more natural and beautiful.

2. Temperature effect

The wood that has just been sawed has a moisture content of more than 50%. In order to process such wood into furniture, the wood needs to be carefully dried to reduce its moisture content to a certain extent to ensure that the final product is adapted to the relative temperatures of most households.

However, as the temperature in the home changes, the wooden furniture will continue to exchange moisture with the air. Just like your skin, the wood is porous, and the dry air will shrink due to the dispersion of water. Similarly, when the relative temperature rises, the wood absorbs enough moisture to expand slightly, but these slight natural changes do not affect the fixability and durability of the furniture.

3. Temperature difference effect

The temperature is 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees, and the relative temperature is 35%-40%. It is the ideal environment for wood furniture. Please avoid placing the furniture near the heat source or air conditioning tuyere. The temperature change can cause any exposed parts of the furniture to be damaged. At the same time, the use of humidifiers, fireplaces or small heaters can also cause premature aging of furniture.

4. Expansion effect

In a humid environment, the front of the solid wood drawer becomes difficult to open and close due to expansion. A simple solution is to apply wax or paraffin on the edge of the drawer and the bottom slide. If the humidity continues to be high for a long time, consider using a dehumidifier. When the air becomes dry, the drawer can be naturally opened and closed.

5. Lighting effects

Do not leave the furniture exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. When exposed to the sun, ultraviolet rays will cause cracks on the surface of the coating or cause fading and blackening. We recommend removing the furniture from direct sunlight and blocking the light through curtains when necessary. However, some wood types will naturally become deeper over time. These changes are not product quality defects, but normal.

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