Metal UV screen printing ink

Metal UV screen printing ink

Metal UV screen printing inks are suitable for metal substrates such as iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. It has the advantages of small odor, moderate viscosity, good printability, and no screen plate blocking. Fast curing, strong adhesion, high hardness, excellent flexibility, excellent scratch resistance, and excellent alcohol resistance. Bright colors, high gloss, strong hiding power.

Use caution

1, due to the differences in requirements, such as the curing speed, adhesion, chemical resistance, etc., please do the customer before using the relevant test work.

2, when doing color printing, due to the different color ink curing speed, please do a good job in color arrangement. Generally dark inks, such as black, silver, and white, cure slowly, while yellow and red cure faster.

3, protected from light at room temperature, the normal shelf life of 12 months.

4. It is best to use this product as soon as possible after opening, but if it is stored under safe conditions, it will not affect its shelf life; when it is placed for a long time, please perform condition test before use.

5. Avoid direct contact with the skin. Once in contact, please clean it. If you accidentally splash into your eyes, rinse with water. If you cannot ease it, you must seek medical advice.

Industrial Wipes:Removes heavy stains ,such as paint ,oil, Grease,Adhesives, Silicons, Mastics. Safe and powerful, removes dirt and grime with a citrus based formula rather than harsh chemicals.The non woven Cellulose/pp or cellulose/polyester-blend wiper offering both durability and absorbency. It is an excellent general purpose sterile wipe in areas where economy and cleanliness are of critical importance. Designed for cleaning and polishing equipment and environmental surfaces during and following production flow.

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