Xianghe furniture to the countryside farmers

With the implementation of the renovation project for rural dilapidated houses, Xianghe County of Hebei Province launched the “Furniture to the Countryside” activity. By exerting the leading role of Xianghe Furniture City and developing and producing high-quality and low-cost furniture for the characteristics of rural consumption, the rural poor have solved the housing difficulties and enjoyed the benefits brought by “furniture to the countryside”.

Wang Zhigang excitedly told reporters that after moving into a new house, he always wanted to have a set of good furniture in the living room. He was catching up with Xianghe Furniture City’s “Furniture to the Countryside” activity and went to the Furniture City to buy a set of furniture. I sent the sofa to my home for free and it was cheaper than the market price. According to the person in charge of Xianghe Furniture City, hundreds of thousands of farmers have purchased furniture in the furniture city for half a year since the “Furniture Going to the Countryside” campaign.

In order to ensure that farmers really get benefits from “furniture to the countryside”, Xianghe County has fully played the leading role of Xianghe Furniture City and established the “Furniture Service Rural” activity office to provide services for farmers to purchase furniture.

The “Furniture to the Countryside” activity is related to the vital interests of thousands of farmers. Xianghe County coordinates the furniture city, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments, and conducts strict qualification examination and screening of enterprises and products that are going to participate in the “furniture to the countryside” activities, stipulating that the price of the exhibition hall products should be close to the people, and the furniture enterprises must have legal person qualifications and production. Furniture manufacturing enterprises with a certain scale and certain economic strength can participate in the activities. After strict screening, the county has identified production and sales enterprises such as Xianghe Taihe Wood Products Factory, Chuncheng Furniture City and Huimei Furniture City as the designated service units for “furniture to the countryside”. And set up a service detachment, go deep into the peasants' homes, implement the "one-on-one" service at home, and understand the farmers' requirements for furniture in detail to make the farmers satisfied.

In order to ensure the quality of furniture in the “Furniture Going to the Countryside” activity, Xianghe County National Grade Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Center provides domestic first-class furniture testing equipment and conducts full inspection of furniture. Manager Li of Hengtong Furniture Factory said: "In order to let the people buy suitable furniture, the factory organizes personnel to go deep into the farmers to solicit opinions, design to meet the needs of the masses, and hit the lowest price, which has been recognized by the farmers." Return visits, feedback to customers The opinions are resolved one by one. “One penny does not cost, free delivery to home”, Xianghe Furniture City has set up a first-class professional after-sales maintenance team to provide free delivery, loading and unloading assembly for farmers who purchase “furniture to the countryside” products. Xianghe also relied on the “China Furniture Industry Vocational Skills Training Center” to carry out the skills training for vocational guides and furniture assemblers for rural services. At present, a total of 5 training courses have been held, and more than 500 employees have been trained.

Hinged Lid Rigid Shoulder Box


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