Customized wardrobes become more environmentally friendly, brands, and services are more important

At the 2011 Central Wardrobe Industry Development Symposium, dozens of relevant industry insiders discussed the current trend of the wardrobe market and the opportunities and challenges brought by the rapid development of the industry.

Customized wardrobes become a trend

With the increasing demand for custom furniture, custom furniture has been covered from the previous single cabinet to the closet, closet, TV cabinet, bookcase, etc., consumers can be based on their own preferences, the size of the living room and the overall decorative style of the home Customized. In this regard, the industry is generally optimistic about the development prospects of furniture customization, into the furniture market and consumer homes, more and more custom furniture products are moving towards our daily life, no longer strange to the custom wardrobe.

Environmental protection, brand, and service are more important

With the development of the customized home industry in recent years, consumers' demand for the overall home is getting higher and higher, generally from "practical", "price", "environmental protection", "style", "brand", "service" "Think of many aspects." When consumers have decided to choose custom furniture, we must put the price issue second. First, we will put "environmental protection", "brand" and "service" in the first place. Only a truly environmentally friendly product will give consumers a healthy Home, custom wardrobe industry are promoting the concept of environmental protection, custom home industry from material to process every link, are moving closer to health. Environmental performance is also a manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

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