Secret Cream: Comprehensive protection is just a legend

A small bottle of cream can keep the skin away from all kinds of damage, whether it is ultraviolet light or environmental pollution. In every advertisement for the cream, it is such an exaggeration. It seems that the cream can be fully protected, but Don't be superstitious about the cream, let's see what the experts say.

“Currently, the cream is still a common cosmetic in China. It does not need to apply for sunscreen special certificates to the Ministry of Health like sunscreen products.” For the phenomenon of different brands of creams, Professor of Cosmetics and Environmental Engineering, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Beijing Technology and Business University Dong Yinxi gave an explanation. “Currently, various color creams on the market contain toners, various fats, etc. Some products claim to have sunscreen functions, but they contain sunscreens like sunscreens. But many are false propaganda.”

"The idea that isolation cream can isolate computer radiation is not good." Dong Yinxi explained that computer radiation is low-frequency radiation, with a wavelength of about 6.5 cm, and the energy carried is very low. "This kind of radiation is basically harmless to the human body and the skin. What about the damage that can be isolated?" Dong Yinxi said that this is mainly due to the increase in free radicals caused by computer radiation. Therefore, adding some anti-free radical active additives can greatly alleviate this effect.

So, can the barrier cream "reject the dirty air"? Dong Yinxi believes that this statement has some truth. "The cream is generally a "water-in-oil" emulsion system that can form an oil film on the skin. Therefore, it can isolate the external environment and isolate the dirty air to a certain extent.” The emulsifying system mentioned by Dong Yinxi actually refers to an emulsifier that makes the cosmetic emulsion stable. The emulsifier is hydrophilic and lipophilic, having a hydrophilic group at one end and an oleophilic group at one end. Before forming the final product, the emulsion product is two phases in which the oil phase and the water phase are not mutually soluble, and the emulsifier enables the immiscible two phases to be in a metastable state, so that it is stable during the shelf life. Dong Yinxi said: "The "water-in-oil" type emulsion system is only one of the commonly used emulsion systems for lotion cosmetics. There are many skin care products using this system, so the isolation of dirty air is not a patent for barrier cream."

Isolation of make-up may be one of the reasons why many women who love beauty choose a cream. However, Dong Yinxi questioned this statement: “Cosmetic makeup is mainly a mixture of various powders, but many of the creams themselves have a high powder content.” Because of the high powder content, the makeup easily absorbs the moisture of the skin and makes the skin Dry and accelerate aging. “I think some of the moisturizing creams are better for the makeup. These products can increase the moisturization of the skin and improve the dry feeling of the makeup. Use a product with a high powder content to isolate another powdery product from the skin. Injury, I think this statement cannot be established." Dong Yinxi said.

For the harm of makeup to the skin, Hu Zhaogui, the chairman of Beijing Zhaogui Technology Development Co., Ltd., believes that the most effective way to reduce such damage is to use makeup products as little as possible. “Makeups are mainly mineral powders and pigments. For example, lead, mercury, arsenic, iron and other harmful heavy metals are much higher than conventional skin creams, and there are more mineral powders. Manufacturers want to enhance the prevention of powders. Mildew efficiency, the preservative content in makeup is also relatively high."

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