Four principles for buying mahogany furniture

Buying mahogany furniture requires "work materials"

1. Learn knowledge: prevent being fooled

For the purchase of mahogany furniture, Professor Yang Jiaxuan suggested that consumers should first understand some knowledge of mahogany, and figure out the 5 categories, 8 categories and 33 categories in the mahogany standard. It is best to master their scientific names, common names, origins and related characteristics so as not to be diversified by merchants. The noun is blinded.

In addition, when signing a sales contract, consumers must require the merchant to mark it according to the name on the mahogany standard, so as to avoid difficulties in defending rights in the future.

2, look at the process: cultural connotation is the key

Many consumers believe that as long as the value of wood is expensive, furniture will be worthless. But experts pointed out that the value of mahogany furniture is more reflected in its craft level, and art will give mahogany furniture a second life. Try to choose artificially carved furniture. With the popularization of industrialization, some manufacturers will adopt the method of machine engraving. The furniture thus produced is monotonous and lacks artistic connotation, and does not have collection value.

Experts pointed out that the purchase of mahogany furniture should appreciate the value of mahogany furniture from the perspective of appreciation of art and history and culture, not just as an investment, but also with a speculative attitude.

3, than the price: the price is outrageous to be careful

Many consumers have seen the value-added and value-added potential of mahogany furniture, and sometimes they have purchased the mahogany furniture with a “snobbery” mentality. However, experts pointed out that this kind of leaky mentality can easily lead to “eye-catching” and purchase of counterfeit products. Professor Yang Jiaxuan suggested that consumers should make horizontal and vertical comparisons when purchasing mahogany furniture. Be aware of the facts. If the price is too outrageous, pay more attention.

4, the pick-up market: before and after the sale is guaranteed

For the protection of mahogany products, the role of the store can not be ignored. Mr. Pan United, the planning director of Aijia Redwood Grand View Building, introduced that they will first strictly check the merchants who are stationed and select famous mahogany brands. In view of the special nature of mahogany furniture, the store will also sign the "Material Fidelity Commitment" with the merchants, and occasionally check the products on the market, which will help to prevent the fake furniture from entering the market.

At the same time, Pan United pointed out that as a professional store, it is necessary to hold relevant knowledge lectures on a regular basis. After all, Redwood is a very knowledgeable field. Consumers can only make rational consumption if they have relevant knowledge.

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