"Computer dry eye" prevention strategy

" Computer dry eye syndrome " has become a common problem encountered by many office workers who have been working in front of computers for a long time. For your health needs, it is worthwhile to look at the experts' suggestions on how to deal with this.

● Disease research

People who use computers for a long time are generally suffering from dry eye syndrome. Experts believe that this is closely related to the lack of blinking when using a computer. When people look at the screen, the number of blinks in the eye will be reduced invisibly, which will reduce the secretion of lubricant and tears in the eye. At the same time, the eyeball will be exposed to the air for a long time, causing the water to evaporate too quickly, causing dry eyes and discomfort. It is easy to cause dry eye, and even damage the cornea. In addition, the computer screen consists of small fluorescent dots, and the eyes must constantly adjust the focal length to ensure that the vision is clear, the time is too long, and the eye muscles are too tired. The electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet light, radiation, glare color and infrared rays of the computer screen can also irritate the eyes.

●Diet strategy

In order to prevent computer operators from suffering from occupational diseases such as dry eye syndrome, experts are reminded to pay attention to reasonable diet. Breakfast should be well eaten and adequately nutritious to ensure a strong energy. Chinese food should eat more foods containing high protein, such as lean pork, beef, lamb, animal offal, various fish, beans and so on. Dinner should be light, eat more foods with high vitamins, such as a variety of fresh vegetables, eat some fresh fruit after meals. At the same time, use high-phospholipid foods to help the brain, such as egg yolk, fish, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts and so on. Also be conscious of the use of food to protect the eyes, such as the liver, milk, goat milk, cream, millet, walnuts, carrots, vegetables, spinach, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, alfalfa and so on.

●Daily prevention

Avoid running the computer continuously for a long time, pay attention to rest in the middle. Usually operate continuously for 1 hour and rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

Maintain a good working posture, so that both eyes look down or look down slightly on the screen, which makes the neck muscles relaxed and minimizes the exposure of the eye to the air.

The distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be kept above 60 cm. The light in the surrounding environment should be soft, the brightness of the computer screen should be appropriate, and the height of the table and chair should match the height of the computer.

If you have dry eyes, redness, burning or foreign body sensation, eye pain, and no obvious improvement after rest, you need to see an ophthalmologist.

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