Evaluation: Zhibang kitchen cabinet PE ecological kitchen

The new property market, the proportion of hardcover rooms is growing, stimulating the upgrading of the downstream home improvement industry. Consumers' demands for high quality and customization of home improvement products are also more refined. As far as kitchen cabinets are concerned, health, ecology and environmental protection have become eternal fashion. In this issue, the SouFun home network appraisers introduced a Zhibang kitchen cabinet PE eco-kitchen, and its new eco-environmental concept set a new benchmark for the cabinet industry.



The layout of the kitchen cabinet should conform to the characteristics of the kitchen space. The T-shaped operation area layout of Zhibang kitchen cabinet PE eco-kitchen can effectively divide the space, plus the retractable bar, which has the functions of console and dining table, which can maximize the development of kitchen space.




PE eco kitchen

Zhibang kitchen cabinet PE eco-kitchen uses PET as raw material, environmentally friendly material, high gloss and bright color. It is comparable to piano paint panel and will not cause chromatic aberration when used for a long time. From a health point of view, PET is a widely used material in various foods, medicines, and non-toxic and sterile packaging. It has the advantages of high strength, good transparency, non-toxicity, anti-infiltration, and high environmental protection.



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