Fluorescent contrast color makeup bright and colorful

In the summer of 2011, the beautiful eye makeup broke the dull. Don't be intimidated by the fluorescent contrast makeup on the T-stage. Bold innovation definitely attracts your attention!

Colorful neon makeup

Colorful neon makeup

Use two kinds of contrast colors or two or more kinds of colorful colors to graffiti around the eyes, so that this autumn and winter is completely high. Especially for the party's unrestrained women, it is simply a snap to the eye! However, it is recommended to choose a dark or nude color for the lip color, so as not to grab the limelight of the eye makeup.

A sufficient amount of pure color makeup

A sufficient amount of pure color makeup

Gorgeous eye shadows rarely come in handy, so it’s hard to catch up with the pop, not to brush more! Boldly using a full amount of solid color throughout the eyelids, not only is the eye shadow expired, but also an eye-catching efficient painting, more suitable for large-scale performances or concerts.

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gift box with ribbon bow

Gift Box With Lid

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