Ding Xitong filmed a large piece of gelatinized skin and showed temperament

Ding Xitong filmed a large cover

Ding Xitong

She has always been the darling of the young fashion magazines in China. She has been a model of the fashion model, such as "Mr. Fashion", "Fashion Bazaar", "LADY Style", "Men's Wear" and other big-name magazines. In addition to a Korean brand and cosmetics advertising before the endorsement, she recently photographed a theme for a weekly magazine, Ding Xitong cover girl to show their hot and sexy wild style, and whether it is born with the charm or acquired The creation.

Ding Xitong filmed a large cover

Elf stunner magazine cover girl

The popular beauty Ding Xitong, in just a few years, not only in the major print media magazines, but also repeatedly won the big prizes in the major competitions, and she was even more in the middle of the big advertisers. Whether it is commercial commercials or endorsements of many goods, she can be seen. It was even more famous in an international auto show, and was rated as "the most fashionable magazine in the small days" by many media.

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