Five generations of childhood toys big PK: from self-made toys to computer game consoles

A young mother plays with her child to the playground

The slingshot of the 60th and 70th generation boys (picture from the Internet)

[Chinese and foreign toy nets] Toy culture] Peninsula Network June 28th news In today's technology era, as a "post-00" new generation from the birth of a variety of remote control cars, educational toys , but many young parents still You will find that when you take your child out, you will not want to leave if you encounter sand piles and stone children. You must always take a look at the starting point. In order to let his son play well, Qingdao Weibo netizen "Women of the Moon" even went to the beach to "steal" a pack of sand and put it downstairs in the community, becoming the favorite "toy" for the whole community. Since there are all kinds of high-end toys, why do children still have a soft spot for the "broken" in the eyes of their parents?

Weibo users: Children have nowhere to play with sand, forcing their father to be a "thief"

On the evening of Father's Day on June 19th, Qingdao Weibo netizen "Pig of the Moon" sent a very interesting blog post "Small confession tonight. Today's Father's Day, in order to let his son know that he has a love for him." My father, I stole a backpack from the second bath and put it back on the lawn of the community, let him dig and play. I made a thief stealing, very excited, very exciting, as long as the son can play well, Let me go and steal a wife, I will do it, let alone a little sand."

Originally, I just wanted to let my son play well, but the netizen "The pig of the moon" did not expect that the mud sand given by nature is really the child's favorite plaything, because "the world is the bigest stealing sand." The favorite thing for the children in the community. A bunch of children are squeezing together, it is called a mink!"

After 00, preschool dolls love sand and water, but parents prefer to go to the playground.

The reporter randomly visited several communities in the vicinity of Taitung and found that the situation of the residential area of ​​the netizen "Pig of the Moon" was almost the same. Almost all the pavements of the community were not covered with bricks, covered by green belts, and did not have the conditions for playing sand. In Shibei Sports Street, many children are playing basketball, football, or exercising on fitness equipment , but there is no special separation of children's play facilities . In the community square of Weihai Road Pedestrian Street, the reporter saw that many pupils around the age of 10 are not rollerblading, or they are fully armed with roller skating, and most of the children aged 1 and 2 are learning with the help of their parents. walk. In a children's parent-child park , children's play facilities such as electric toys , carousels, and large slides are also available. One staff member said that children from 8 months to 10 years old can play.

“The favorite thing is to carry her small bucket and small shovel to the beach to play with sand and play with water.” I mentioned the favorite toy of the little daughter who just turned 3 years old. The young mother, Ms. Wang smiled and said, “I took her once. Going to the house, there was a neighbor who renovated the house and piled up a pile of sand downstairs. She said that she didn’t get up.” But Ms. Wang also said that although children like to play with sand and water, they consider the conditions of play. And security issues, she is more inclined to take the children to the children's playground, or KFC, McDonald's amusement park "has enjoyed."

80, 90 generation: playing sand is a bit soil, game consoles, computers are the most fashionable

Not only the children nowadays, but also the memories of the 80s and 90s who are rolling in the sand and mud ponds, because they have a "small bully" learning machine , a 486 computer, and a high-end touch. The screen phone is the most "cool" thing.

Hot slightly curly fluffy short hair, plaid shirt, like to look up at 45 degree angle self-portrait big head shot... 1997 born big boy Wang Hao has all the characteristics of 90 after. "My childhood toys are similar to the current children. They are toys sold in shopping malls, such as remote control cars , big water guns , etc." Wang Hao said frankly, because his family conditions were still good, his toys basically said goodbye. The "original ecology" is dominated by electric toys. Moreover, he said that after he had contacted the computer from elementary school, he basically said goodbye to all the other pastime activities. "The most fun thing is computer games. The computer is my favorite toy."

Wang Shang is a typical 80-year-old daughter. She thinks that many of her toys have become classics when she was a child. "The most fun things to do when I was young were building blocks, Rubik's cubes, dolls or something. Our girls usually dance rubber bands and jump boxes; they boys. It’s just licking mud, playing marbles, and playing cards.” Wang Shang also took out the “Little Overlord” learning machine she kept, saying: “This is my favorite when I was a child, and I received it in the third grade of elementary school. Birthday gift, I have been keeping it. At that time, there was a small bully. Whoever specially hired a child, but basically used it to play games. At that time, I thought it was high in technology and I thought about the computer. in this way."

60, 70 generation: self-made "toy" childhood is the happiest

Born in the 1970s, Mr. Feng believes that for many years, the boys’ toys are basically “just like the oldest, slingshots, marbles, and mud.” In Mr. Feng’s impression, the parents did not buy him. What kind of toys, at most, the father gave himself a pistol and a slingshot. "The little boy loves to fight and kill. My son also has a lot of toy guns when he was a child. It costs a few hundred dollars, but I feel that it is not as good. When I was a kid, I played with a wooden gun. I went out to pick up the wood. I went to my father’s leg at night and watched him take a knife to me. The waiting wait was to buy a toy pistol from the supermarket. Not enough. When you get the carved wooden pistol, you are not willing to let others touch it. Now the children can buy a bunch at the mall, and as long as I am a child, it will suffice."

Xiao Ayi was born in 1963. Because her natural disaster just passed, her childhood was very tight. "I spent my childhood in the countryside, and there was no toy. The boy played with mud, and he used the wood to play the gun to play the devil." Some of the dexterous children used the peach to engrave the boat all day. The girl is throwing sandbags and kicking the shuttlecock. At that time, there were several big trees at the door of my house. My mother tied the two hemp ropes between the two trees and gave us a swing. Many children lined up to swing.” Xiao Ayi said. At that time, no one in the rural areas could buy toys from the store, but they made willows in the spring, and they went to the river to catch them in cans in the summer... Although the material conditions were scarce in that year, Xiao Ayi Say: "No one's childhood is more happy than our generation. There is no burden on the course. Our "toys" are also gifts of nature and nature."

Expert opinion: "Toy" close to nature is more helpful to the development of emotional intelligence

"Actually, compared with those high-end toys, some things that are close to nature are more beneficial to the development of children's emotional intelligence." Li Yuhuan, a psychologist at Qingdao Mental Health Center, said that many high-end toys that children play now may have the intelligence to develop children. The benefits, but for the development of emotional intelligence, not necessarily better than a group of children playing with sand.

"Children have proper contact with the land and the land. It is actually very good." Director Li Yuhuan gave an example of sand. "The sand is very malleable. It can flow and become solid. It has many shapes. The feeling of touching the sand will make people I feel very relaxed. And the children play sand to play with children, establish some interactions and relationships through group activities or games, which is also a socialization process for children.” Director Li said that people will have a tendency to approach nature. Adults are the same. They feel particularly comfortable and relaxed in nature. This is a natural instinct. A child may not be as clear as it is, but when he is close to nature, he will be particularly comfortable and comfortable.

Therefore, Director Li Yuhuan reminded parents that it is not enough to give children a higher-end toy to cultivate his IQ. It is necessary to give children more natural things and opportunities to participate in group activities. “Don’t give your children some high-end High IQ toys, some simple and natural things are also very good."

At the same time, Director Wei Qiqi of the municipal hospital also said that using ordinary soap or hand sanitizer to wash hands for more than 90 minutes can wash away more than 90% of the bacteria in the hands, parents do not have to worry too much about the child's health problems after contact with nature.

Peninsula Digital Reporter Liu Donghui Intern Qiu Xiaoyu Xu Yuan


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