Unlicensed plastic food bottle factory was investigated

Yesterday morning, the Haikou Quality Supervision Department received reports from the public that there is a den of undiscovered disposable plastic cups in the Hong Kong and Macau Development Zone, and there is a factory that produces plastic food bottles without a license. After receiving the report, the quality supervision department rushed to the scene to investigate and deal with. Confiscation of 2300 plastic food bottles

Zhuang Wei, deputy director of the Haikou Bureau of Quality Supervision, introduced that the factory was suspected of producing food packaging containers without a production license, which violated the "Food Safety Law" and other relevant laws and regulations. According to the survey, according to the survey, the location and raw materials for the production of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and plastic food bottles in the plant are all together, which can easily cause pollution. If the raw material is contaminated, it will infiltrate the food and pose a threat to the health of consumers. Zhuang Wei introduced that it is necessary to establish a production license before it can produce food packaging containers. Its production requirements are very strict, including provisions for raw materials, environmental hygiene, and crafts. According to the site environment, they certainly cannot meet the requirements.

Finally, law enforcement officials confiscated 2,300 plastic food bottles and 600 caps ordered by another food company according to law, and ordered the factory to stop producing food containers for further investigation.

Unlicensed factory actually has "reputed food company orders"

When law enforcement officials inquired about the various plastic food bottles processed by the workers are used to hold something, a worker said she did not know what to install. At this time, a person in charge of the processing plant came over and said that the factory had a business license and processed some pesticide bottles, feed bottles, etc. There was no plastic food bottle used to hold food.
At 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, when the reporter came to a factory on the Hong Kong-Macao Boulevard in Hong Kong-Macao Development Zone along with the law enforcement officers of the Haikou Quality Supervision Department, several machines were in operation, and each machine had two or three workers producing various products. Large and small plastic food bottles, plastic produced by the machine, the taste produced when cutting is very unpleasant.

At this time, the staff discovered in the finished product next to one of the machines that the bottle was printed with the words “××food” of a well-known specialty in our province. The person in charge of the processing plant saw this and changed its name. They just followed the customer’s The request for processing is not provided to the well-known food company. Until a law enforcement officer discovered in a “work record” that the processing factory provided the supply records for several famous specialty food companies such as “××food”, which read the words “pepper shaker,” and the plant and one of its food products. After the company signed 50,000 sets of plastic food bottles "order form", the processing plant responsible for the personnel admitted that they "accidentally processed some." As for whether there is a production license, the responsible person said that he is preparing to apply.


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