Classical furniture maintenance, feel the "temper" more convenient

Adapt to wood

Furniture maintenance should conform to the wood, that is, the "temper" of the furniture: summer comes, it often rains, furniture should be placed in the window, so as not to be damp in the rainy weather, damage the surface, damage the cockroach. In the winter, every household in the north is heated, and people are very comfortable from the heating, but the furniture is far away from the heating, so as to avoid excessive shrinkage of the wood due to excessive temperature, resulting in cracking.

Many furniture are also afraid of the wind, especially the furniture with the face, such as tables, cabinets and other furniture, affected by the "dry shrinkage and swelling", blowing at the tuyere for a long time is easy to crack, warp.

Prevent the case from falling

There is a case called a shelf, which is very long, thick and heavy. Its case is not integral with the leg, but is detachable. The north is commonly known as "a piece of jade", and the south is called "stalk plate". It is popular in the late Qing Dynasty. People generally use it to put a cumbersome self-timer or mountain bonsai.

Because the items on the case are very bulky, the pressure on the case is very high. The two ends of the case are supported by the leg of the case, so it is not too difficult, but the middle of the case is suspended. If there is a long time, there is a danger of collapse. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the case should be turned over every other year or half a year, and the slightly curved face will be restored by changing the direction of the force.

Southern furniture painted to protect against moisture

Because the southern climate is humid, in order to prevent moisture, the surface of the furniture is basically covered with a thin layer of lacquer. Su Zuo furniture is characterized by lacquering both inside and outside, and it is protected inside and outside. Guangzuo furniture also wipes a layer of paint. Painting is difficult for the average person, so you can ask a professional to do it. Beijing-made hardwood furniture is not painted, only a layer of wax on the surface. Because the northern climate is dry, there is no need to paint, and after the wax is burned, the furniture will be repeatedly rubbed in the process of use, and the surface wax will seep into the wood, oxidize and produce a slurry. The surface of the furniture that has been formed into a pulp can not be boiled by boiling water, nor can it be stained with a very soluble liquid, such as gasoline, which would damage the patina.

How to maintain the desktop

There is a saying that is good: "The cold table can't make hot tea." This sentence can be said to conform to the wood, because the ambient temperature of the stored furniture can not be suddenly cooled. For example, furniture with stone surfaces (such as tables, screens, etc.) should not be placed outdoors in the winter, nor in the summer in the sun to avoid cracking.

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