Clothing digital printing technology - my digital dream

I believe most people once had such an idea to print a favorite pattern or a piece of text on their own clothing. With current trends, DIY clothing. But I believe many people can only stop at the idea because people may not be able to access the press. Even if it is accessible, due to the technical limitations of traditional printing technology, it is not very suitable for such DIY clothing ideas.

With the continuous development of the printing industry, many new technologies have been developed. Among them, clothing digital printing technology can serve the idea of ​​DIY clothing very well. The garments printed using garment digital printing technology have the advantages of being soft, smooth, and not easy to fade, which are not available in traditional printing technology.

From the aspect of industrial management, the clothing digital printing technology has also greatly shortened the industrial production process and drastically reduced production time and production costs. And flexibility, you can batch production can also be mass production. Moreover, this technology is more environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. Even baby's personal clothing patterns can be printed by this technology. It can be said that digital printing technology will be the trend of future apparel printing.

The government also attaches great importance to this technology. Some ten years ago CCTV’s “Innovation Unlimited” program launched a special program – My Digital Dream. Through the innovative star Mr. Wang Zhigang (head of the fast digital printing and dyeing machine project), he demonstrated the domestic advanced digital printing technology. The program introduced various features and advantages of digital printing technology from shallow to deep and easy to understand. I believe that even people who know nothing about digital printing technology can have a general understanding of digital printing technology.

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