Not tide is not outdoor Best East China's first "tide" outdoor

The trend of style, leisure plate, high-tech surface material, what is the logical combination? I believe we can not guess it! This "outdoor tide" sports equipment, her creator is European outdoor predators JAST (JAST), she advocated "outdoor leisure" brand concept, advocating the professional outdoor sports equipment, high-quality elements into leisure sports Equipment, so that people who love leisure sports at any time enjoy professional outdoor standard fashion leisure sports equipment, is relying on this highly accurate brand positioning Best Love by the vast number of consumers and sought after, to become Europe's leading Outdoor sports brand, she has come to China today, boldly this innovative outdoor sports equipment into the Chinese market, the first in the country, "tide outdoor" sports equipment, both to the pursuit of the trend and love the sports family does not go abroad You can enjoy the stylish outdoor sports equipment.
"China is a fashion country, Chinese fashion strong acceptance, JAST goggles into the Chinese market in 2005 to sell in the major mainstream department stores in China, in addition to its good quality and performance of the product there is because Our JAST style than other brands are new and beautiful, closely follow the international fashion trend; currently China's outdoor sports is still in its infancy, not Chinese people do not like outdoor sports, but the market is lack of people like outdoor sports equipment, from the The domestic tourism market is hot and the outdoor market is cold, which shows that in the next five years 'outdoor' will surely become a mainstream outdoor sports equipment. 'Outdoor outdoor' will become a popular one, and Jast is this Popular leader "Goodstall China CEO Mr. Ye asked a reporter asked whether the domestic first" tide outdoor "to meet the consumer demand description; on the same issue of a fashion magazine editor in Shanghai Miss Liao Jia think this innovation will be To the current domestic outdoor sports market brings a revolution, she said: "At present, very few professional outdoor sports players, and The current outdoor market and again and again to "professional" word to describe, Jiasite pioneered this 'tide outdoor' is the people's life, leisure, travel, recreational activities necessary for outdoor recreation equipment, Best After entering the brand in China, the brand will inevitably generate a wave of 'outdoor trend.' Follow the trend is the consistent style of many enterprises in our country. At that time, the existing domestic outdoor product enterprises will surely follow this trend and abandon their 'special' investment.
It is learned that, in order to better reflect the unique Jast brand positioning, Jiasite in the Chinese region to enable "no tide is not outdoor" as a new ad, which is Josh's worldwide so far the first time to enable new ads The word, for many years, regardless of the cornerstone of the globe, Crosstre is unifying the "world's leading" to promote and display the brand. The opening of new advertising slogans in China is enough to prove that Jiasite is going to make the outdoor first The determination of the brand.