"Plum card" sportswear online hot Asian Games economic origin

“梅花牌”运动服网上热卖 亚运经济始发力

What is the tide of November? Of course, "Meihua card" sportswear. Its iconic classic style, one for the country plus red white or ecliptic, a plus Shilin blue plus white. With the ongoing Guangzhou Asian Games events, the online games related to the Asian Games are also hot.

Reporters saw on Taobao, a lot of shop play hit Asian Games card, "see the Asian Games wear Chinese sportswear." This month, "Meihua" sportswear sales began to rise rapidly.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, Chinese people were proud of wearing plum sportswear. Many from national to provincial sports teams, many of whom used plum as a professional sports uniforms. At that time, not only athletes love to wear plum sportswear, people also love to wear. From school teens to fitness-loving seniors, there are a wide range of fans. In 1990, "Meihua" sportswear for the Beijing Asian Games competition clothing. That session of the Asian Games, North Korea athletes wear is China's "plum."

"To buy these sportswear mainly young people wearing more than their own age clothes, they think from the 60's to 80's clothing is nowadays the most popular retro style." A sale of "Plum" sportswear network Shop owner said. The store has sold hundreds of sets of sportswear in the past week. The buyer Lin Wei Min said that should be King of Games at the same time, more is the old brand of nostalgia.

But now "Plum brand" sportswear has been discontinued, so the stock of clothes has become a "limited edition." Of course, there are also some online shop in style to make it more stylish.

Asian Games has become the most concerned about this month's Internet users, according to the latest data from CNZZ, a third-party data organization, sports websites averaged 15.67 million daily visits, an increase of 52% from the previous month and the Asian Games economy began to explode.

Asian Games mascot, the Asian Games flag is also a hot product. It is understood that the signing of the Asian Games video broadcast NetEase and cool 6 network broadcast the ad prices also will soar, a number of Chinese gold medal match hits more than one million.