Analysis of Color in Packaging Art

Color composition of packaging and decorating design

All things can not be separated from the color, the earth is a color world, people live in the colors. The color composition of packaging and decorating has its own characteristics. It is compared with the color laws of other painting arts, and has a total of 1 life and its own personality. The color of painting emphasizes on pursuing and depicting the color law of the object consisting of light source color, intrinsic color and environmental color, and pursuing the natural color rule. Painting also speaks realistic colors and decorative colors. The color of packaging and decorating requires eye-catching, strong contrast, strong appeal, appealing power and competitiveness to arouse consumers' desire to purchase and promote sales of goods. The color of packaging and decoration needs to have a strong sense of form and decoration. It is both strong and uniform, and uses both primary and intermediate colors, as well as gold, silver, anodized aluminum, and other materials with strong color effects. In order to realize the purpose of publicizing, beautifying, and promoting the sale of goods, the use of packaging colors must be based on the characteristics of the modern consumer society, the characteristics of the goods, the customary tastes of consumers, the changing trends of domestic and international fashion colors, and other timely understanding and research. Constantly enhance the awareness of color sociology and consumer psychology.

The so-called sense of color is the association and reflection of emotions created by the colors. Although different countries, different nationalities, or different people have different preferences for color, due to more complex objective factors and human physiological, psychological and other factors formed a common understanding of color and reflect together. The solemn black wine box packaging; the superb beige rice wine label; the dark blue beverage packaging that makes people feel quiet and deep; and the western red cosmetic packaging that make people think about it, it is really beautiful, really good, it really represents The advanced country's technical level and design level, design style. Compared with the traditional Chinese red and green, the design and expression of the same design style form a stark contrast, and gave a great inspiration to the design of Chinese designers. The "foreign" color relentlessly impacts our inherent customary coloration over the years. This is undoubtedly a color revolution in packaging and decorating. At this juncture, our designers must be confused: First, blindly copying, two. It is rejected. Both of these attitudes are wrong. The essence of national tradition should be inherited and carried forward, and the advanced color laws of foreign countries should also be drawn. Because the design is for consumer services. How to achieve "community" is really hard. It is equally difficult to seek a road that is unique to China and can be advanced in harmony with the world. However, this road is correct. Consistently conservative, it is wrong to absorb foreign individuals and discard them. The Chinese public's likes and dislikes of color are formed over thousands of years. This depends on what class the main service object of the product is. If it is a commodity for the vast majority of farmers, it is still better to have more national traditions.

Color tone

In a picture, it is generally composed of several or more colors. However, the layout of colors cannot be evenly distributed. There are always one or two colors that dominate. Based on this and two colors, a tone of preference is formed. The quality of tonal processing is the test of a designer's professional standards and professional training standards.

1. Vivid colors One by one, the color has a high density, the colors are sympathetic, and the picture is lively, joyful, beautiful, sweet, and vivid. Strong appeal, strong charisma.

The soft colors are low in color and weak in contrast, giving people a romantic, natural, gentle, feminine, simple, elegant, dignified and noble feeling. This color tone is generally more common in cosmetic crystals and pharmaceutical packaging.

3. Clear colors are mostly cold and black and white. Give people a sense of purity, novelty, fashion, free and easy, unpretentious, elegant, noble feeling. This color tone is common in the packaging of tobacco, alcohol, and hardware appliances.

4. The color of black, white and gray is very low, but it has played a role that other colors cannot. Black and white are the extremes of contrast, which can drastically open the rhythm of the picture, and can set off other colors more vividly and brightly. Often used on a large scale, it constitutes a unique theme and is more noble and pure. This hue is used more for chemicals and hardware.

5. Gold and silver color is a metal color. It is the highest value in all colors. It symbolizes wealth, power, and status. It is used in high-end products in packaging and decoration, such as hardcover book binding, noble gift gifts, jewelry packaging, etc. People are noble and rich. Because of their strong light reflectivity, they are often used in contrasting colors and sometimes have a small application area, but they play a role as the finishing touch. Has a strong attraction and sense of resonance.

In the fierce market competition and packaging and decoration are also escalating, many of the packaging materials, including grades of gold and silver (including anodized aluminum), have been used in large quantities, irrespective of grades, to increase printing costs (also known as commodity costs). Instead, it reduced the packaging grade and reduced the "worth" of gold and silver.

New Trends in Modern Packaging Design Serialized Packaging

The rapid development of serialized packaging fully meets the aesthetic psychology of consumers. The diversification of commodities will inevitably lead to the diversification of product packaging. Serialized packaging is a popular form of contemporary international packaging design. It is a unified design of a company or a brand name of different kinds of products with a common characteristic. It adopts local color, image or text changes, and the overall composition is designed in a unified and unified manner. It unifies multiple commodities and is also called "familial" design, so that the customer can know at a glance that it is a brand of a certain factory. In order to establish the concept of reputation and brand-name products, the overall image of the product has a strong sense of impression, giving a clear impression and long-term memory. Serialized packaging has two advantages: First, it makes the company’s products prominent, which is conducive to public attention, attracting people's attention, which is beneficial to creating brand names and is conducive to market competition. Second, it plays a role in expanding sales. If you are satisfied with one of the products in the series, you will have confidence in other products of the series, which will increase sales impact. If it is a traditional brand-name product line, it can also use brand-name charm to expand sales.

In the form of beauty, the unity of diversity and integrity is an important rule. Oriental art and Western art have the tradition of overall beauty. Nowadays, the rules of overall beauty also go deep into all areas of life. From clothing to furniture, from interior decoration to environmental art, the overall beauty of art style is pursued. The serialized design of the packaging is exactly in accordance with the “aspect of diversity” which is the basic principle of aesthetics that our nation and other peoples all follow.

Due to the role and status of serialized packaging in the sales market and its development trend, it determines the importance of its strategic position in market competition. There are many ways to express a series of packaging designs. The kinds of products that appear on domestic and foreign markets can be summarized as follows:

1, the same type of product, uniform shape, pattern (or image) unity, text management position is unified, but the color has changed. This kind of change shows a strong overall feeling and is widely used. From the printing point of view, the revision process is simple and the cost is not high. Just change the title to change the ink color.

2, similar products, the pattern, text, color are the same, but different specifications, different shapes. This type of change is mostly used in cosmetic packaging.

3, similar products, text management position unchanged, its specifications, patterns, colors have changed.

4, the same type of product, the same specifications, the pattern, color, text have changed. This type of change is large, but the pattern of expression is consistent, which is again a great unity, can be a combination of many numbers, and did not undermine the unity of the "big family."

5, the same type of product, its specifications, colors, shapes have changed, but the product name and brand name remain unchanged. It is the unanimity of expression methods that unite them. This kind of change is novel and unique, with a variety of shapes and strong interest. It is mostly used for children's toys or supplies. Can grasp children's psychology, show good results, strong attraction.

6, similar products, color tone unchanged, the text of the same name, shape the same, just the pattern image and location changes (pictured). It cleverly uses the combination of the four sides of the box to form an extremely interesting pattern, which enhances the overall sense and expands the visual appeal. It is equivalent to unfolding the four sides of the box.

All of the above, as far as the variety of its changes are concerned, the diversity of its expressions shows how its competitive position in the sales market is.

The manifestation of serialized packaging is consistent with the "repeated" representation of decorative painting. Repeated reproductions of people or things often appear in decorative painting. In repetition, sometimes the single mechanical repetition occurs, and some individual movements change slightly. The purpose is to prolong the rhythm of the rhythm and enhance the artistic appeal through people’s visual perception. Rewards, stimulate emotional resonance. The four little swans in the ballet “Swan Lake” danced in one scene. The light and beautiful melody, accompanied by intoxicating dancing, gave us great artistic enjoyment. Imagine that if you change to a little swan solo, that would be What effect? ​​Series of packaging performance techniques precisely adapted to this extremely moving art laws.

Issues that should be noted in serialized packaging design:

Product categories cannot be confused. Serialized packaging emphasizes the combination of changes in similar products, and the combination of non-similar products destroys its role. For example, a series of cool drink packaging, with orange juice, grape juice, hawthorn juice, peach juice, etc., in the design of a unified form, and then in a more specific position to highlight the image of their own fruit, make people At a glance, achieving the goal of serialization has received satisfactory results. It is not appropriate to combine Hawthorn Sparkling Wines because one is a beverage and the other is a liquor. Although the same is a drink, the ingredients are different and cannot be confused.

The homogeneity of similar products should emphasize individuality. Taking the refreshing drink mentioned above as an example, if the image of a fruit such as oranges or grapes is obscure or improperly handled due to its business location or size, the contents of the product cannot be displayed clearly and clearly, which can easily lead to misunderstandings by consumers and lose their value. Sales value. For example, in the series of coffee packaging design, its symbolic color should be clearly defined: red indicates thick, yellow indicates mild, and sour is expressed in green. The grade is clear. Similar products also have distinctions between high and low. Generally, high-end products cannot form series with low-grade products. Such as high-end suits and low-end suits to form a series of packaging, people will doubt whether the high-end is true or false? The result is high-quality but not high-level, low-level counterfeit high, and thus lose credibility.