USPOLO ASSN.2012 new autumn and winter conference interpretation of the brand new legend

Interpretation of the century legendary new polo brand

April 12, 2012, the international well-known brand new autumn and winter polo culture USPOLO ASSN.2012 conference was held in Xiamen Haiyue Villa Hotel. The new conference featuring "Rui Jin 2012" also attracted many Hong Kong actresses who love polo culture to come to the scene to help out. At the same time, there are also many mainstream media's attention and coverage. It is reported, USPOLO ASSN. The purpose of holding the new conference, in addition to release the 2012 brand new autumn and winter, but also marks the official launch of the brand new business strategy in the Chinese market.

U.S.POLO ASSN.2012秋冬新品发布会  演绎品牌新传奇

In full of high-end fashion atmosphere, "Rui Jin 2012 - USPOLO ASSN. New autumn and winter polo cultural conference" scene, more than 380 fashionable design, beautifully made, vivid performance of the US polo spirit USPOLO ASSN. Autumn and winter clothing, fresh and elegant To interpret the brand classic American style connotation. And Zhan Bingxi, Yin Yangming, Lin Weichen, Chen Yanhang, Zhu Wenjun and many other Hong Kong actresses effort to join , it is to make the scene starry.

It is understood that with more than 120 years of history and culture brand USPOLO ASSN. To enter the Chinese market for more than 20 years. In the dissemination of polo the western aristocracy fashion movement at the same time, USPOLO ASSN. In the brand image, fashion quality, marketing services, the polo player distinguished, classic, vitality, passion, elegance, self-confidence of the spirit of a large Range promotion, making USPOLO ASSN. Brand apparel has become a symbol of fashion, classic culture, by Chinese consumers of all ages.

U.S.POLO ASSN.2012秋冬新品发布会  演绎品牌新传奇
A number of Hong Kong performing stars to help the USPOLO ASSN.2012 autumn and winter conference

However, due to USPOLO ASSN. In the past to take the sub-category authorized agents in the Chinese market business model, resulting in the brand in the market, product quality varies, the terminal looks different, consumers can not figure out which POLO is a real American brand. In order to regulate the operation of the brand in the Chinese market, since 2012, the USPOLO ASSN. Brand distributor in Asia will be authorized by the American Polo Association to license the internationally renowned fashion brand operator Hong Kong Li & Fung Group. Hong Kong Li & Fung Co., Ltd., whose annual revenue of brand operation in the international market is over HK $ 200 billion, has carefully determined and screened many USPOLO ASSN. Brand agency operators in the Chinese market and finally decided to operate the casual clothing agent with the best operating condition Business - Rui Fat (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. costumes work together to standardize USPOLO ASSN. Brands in the Greater China market market operation system, to create US POLO ASSN. The United States Centennial Polo brand in Greater China legend.

U.S.POLO ASSN.2012秋冬新品发布会  演绎品牌新传奇
Rui Fat (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Chairman Ouyang Yong fast media interview

Rui Fat (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. apparel agent operating USPOLO ASSN. Brand casual products just three years, we will brand fashion casual apparel standard terminal to more than 130, with annual sales soared to 216 million yuan. In an interview with reporters, Rui Hair (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., chairman of Ouyang Yong-fast clothing, said further specification US POLO ASSN. Brand management philosophy at the same time, Rui hair companies will step up efforts to expand the market will be the next year to make USPOLO ASSN. Brand stores expanded to about 600, the annual sales target of 1.3 billion, and Rui Fa company will also be committed to fully publicize the US POLO ASSN. The international brand concept of fashion culture, so that its real deep into the hearts of Chinese consumers .