Prospects for the 2011 Redwood Market: Buyers’ price will increase

After the end of 2006 to the first half of 2007, the “outrageous” market in the mahogany market went up wildly; the market depth in the end of 2007 was regressed; the redwood market in 2008 was lower; in 2009 and 2010, it steadily rose, entering 2011, mahogany What kind of trend will the market show? The industry believes that the trend of stable rosewood prices may continue. In the context of inflationary pressures and property control policies, Redwood is being accepted by more potential consumers because of its “resistance”, and the rosewood market is also young. Turn.

The mahogany market is turning around 70 and 80.

“The shape of mahogany furniture is steady and heavy, but its carvings are lively and colorful and exquisite and vivid. I like retro, modern retro!” Miss Lin, who is now in the Taipingyuan furniture square, wandering mahogany furniture. Tell the reporter that she is preparing to add a circle chair to her home.

At the age of 36, she started to contact mahogany furniture in April last year because her husband’s small mahogany tea set. The young couple liked the fine carving of mahogany, so they sent the mahogany market of Xianqiao, Yudaiqiao and Taipingyuan. It has become a favorite "Taobao" holy place for the young couple, and most of the Amoy has many unique decorations and small pieces. After a few months of “education”, Miss Lin’s love for mahogany art has spread to mahogany furniture, and the “red furniture” has become a hobby and an investment.

“I used to be immersed in the mahogany market. It’s basically middle-aged and old people. Now I find that there are more and more young people who like mahogany furniture.” A redwood merchant in San Diego’s home told reporters that deep colors and quaint styles are no longer The “patent” of middle-aged and elderly people, the consumer population of mahogany furniture is being younger. In the Taipingyuan Expo Center, there are more than 4,000 square meters of Huangda, the chairman of the town of Yida, told reporters that the direct consumption rate has risen by 30%, and last year was the year when potential consumers emerged the most. From the situation of their stores, they have risen by more than 60% last year. In these potential groups, there are more and more young people, small pieces and kits are their goals, and these customers are the new force in the future mahogany market. It is precisely because of the optimistic view of the market, the town has begun to take the road of "popularization of mahogany furniture".

“The mahogany market is indeed younger.” Xiao Desheng, executive director of the Sichuan Collectors Association and director of the mahogany classical furniture committee, told reporters that before 2006, most of the conferences and forums on redwood were mostly middle-aged and elderly. “It used to be old-fashioned and gloomy. The old-fashioned is the prejudice of young people on the redwood.” However, in recent sessions and forums where they participated, they can truly feel the rejuvenation of the market. Not only the heads of business enterprises are being played by more and more young people, players. Consumers are also increasingly showing young faces. He believes that in the high-tempo contemporary society, the unprecedented burden is on the young people of the 70s and 80s. They need to relax when they are physically and mentally exhausted. The splendid furniture is luxurious and dazzling but gives a sense of tension. In the room where the mahogany furniture is arranged, it is easier to give people away from the calm of the world and return to the true nature of the people. Two pieces of mahogany antique furniture, the cultural taste of the entire room suddenly increased. The "prejudice" of the current generation of young people for redwood is constantly melting.

Chinese furniture designers believe that the beauty of Chinese classical furniture lies in its calmness, in its smooth structural lines and the natural texture of the material. The use of precious natural wood meets the modern people's pursuit of natural and healthy consumption. Gan Yuzhen, a local softcover expert, told reporters that he believes that young people's love for mahogany furniture also comes from the pursuit of the beauty of Chinese classical furniture art. He said that among his clients, there are three in the age group of 25 to 35. One of the owners of the design emphasizes that the basic decoration in the early stage should be able to “mix and match” some mahogany furniture. The villa owners, more emphasis on the value-added value of investment in mahogany furniture.

Free money to enter the market experts recommend to select "potential stocks"

Modern people buy mahogany furniture on the one hand for use, and on the other hand for investment collection. With the recovery of the mahogany market in 2010, the price of mahogany furniture has also soared. What is the trend of the mahogany market in 2011? Entering the redwood world, how do you choose mahogany furniture for the "newbie"?

The insiders suggest that entering the mahogany, investing in good growth, exquisite workmanship, and good mahogany furniture for wood can make mahogany furniture a potential stock with investment value and meaning.

Nowadays, more and more mahogany furniture is appearing in clubs, restaurants, shopping malls and model houses. The Chinese-style complex also makes the mahogany market heat up rapidly. The reporter found that Wuliufang in Qintai Road was originally a catering enterprise that ate cold water fish. The original use of mahogany furniture was to enhance the sense of quality, but it turned out to be a “treasure land” for mahogany lovers. Packed is not a dish, but the mahogany furniture among the diners.

With the expansion of the consumer population, the price of mahogany furniture is also rising steadily. Huang Jingru told reporters that the scarcity of raw materials, the cost of raw materials, production costs, transportation costs, operating costs, market heat, etc. are all factors that determine the price increase of mahogany furniture. According to his recollection, before 2000, the sales volume of Chengdu City was estimated to be no more than 5 million a year. However, since 2003, the mahogany market has expanded rapidly. He remembers that the price of one ton of huanghuali at the end of 2002 was 10,000 to 100,000, and it was actually in 2007. "Outrageous" rose to 20 million tons, the price of the virtual high makes the market crazy and chaotic. The Chengdu market has also grown rapidly from less than 10 mahogany businesses to more than 50. The uneven, fake and substandard goods have disrupted the entire mahogany market, and the market itself has also made adjustments. In 2007 and 2008, the price of mahogany was adjusted by about 40%. After the market retreat in 2009, mahogany furniture began to grow steadily. In 2010, the increase was close to 20%. From the current store, passenger traffic has also increased significantly, which also indicates that the price of mahogany furniture will continue to rise.

For the young and new faces on the market, industry insiders suggest that if the purpose of collection is to use, the red rosewood and above materials are more suitable for huanghuali, sandalwood, rosewood, etc., while the style is mainly composed of classical and high-end simulated furniture, but the more The tradition is more and more. In terms of investment types, the stocks of lobular rosewood, Hainan huanghuali and Vietnamese huanghuali are getting less and less. The current market price is already high, and the space for further increase is limited. Relatively speaking, Brazilian rosewood, Burmese rosewood, South American red rosewood, black rosewood, chicken wing wood, etc., because the stock of raw materials still has space, the current price is moderate, and its appreciation space is relatively large.

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