Come to the Double Red Phoenix Eye Peach Blossom

When blind date has become one of the hottest topics, Valentine's Day has become a pain in many people's hearts, but it is also the best "hunting" time for ladies. How to make a big trip? The reminder of Dafa is not necessarily an open ceremony. You may wish to change the most attractive new makeup on Valentine's Day, use red eye shadow and extend the eyeliner to make a peach blossom eye makeup, add a bright charm, and greatly enhance the opposite sex.

The red color of the New Year's most popular, less people will be used for eye makeup, because the eyes of Asian women are generally flatter than Westerners, afraid of being too exaggerated and making their eyes puffy. However, in fact, red with the skillful smear technique can create a charming eye-opening of the mahogany, and good luck naturally comes one after another.

The key to red makeup is to match the light eye shadow to create a distinct three-dimensional effect. Gently use the brown color to sweep the eye sockets to create a deep sensation. Sweep the red eyeshadow in the depression, leave the double eyelids white, and then sweep the pink and purple at the position of the double eyelids, and smudge the two colors upwards. The effect will not be Too exaggerated, and special enough. Another way is to use pearl color in the eyes and red in the end of the eyes. It is also a good phoenix eye makeup.

Step 1: Apply a pink eye shadow to the most depressed part of the eye socket, then apply a pink-purple color at the position of the double eyelids, and the two colors are smudged.

Step 2: Draw a black eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner, extending slightly from the end of the eye.

Step 3: Apply mascara from the root of the eyelashes and pull it toward the end of the eyelashes with a Z-shaped motion.

Step 4: Apply a blush on the abdomen, and then circle Blend evenly after printing on the humeral site.

Step 5: After applying the lipstick, print the lip gloss from the center of the lip to create the effect of the glass lip.

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In 2011, the peach blossom makeup technique creates a beautiful makeup for men.

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