Decoration to quit color home feng shui seven colors good and bad

The color of the interior room must be carefully adjusted. A variety of color cloths surround the body. It is not only bright, but also more feng shui. "Bongue" is the first priority.

The purple paint in the home is more, although it can be said that the purple gas is full of room fragrance, but the red series that is replaced by purple, invisibly gives a glare color, which makes the people's heart at home feel a helpless feeling.

The pink paint in the home is the most murderous color. The pink color is easy to make people feel irritated, and it is easy to have a squabble. It is a matter of disputes and quarrels. Especially for newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the middle of the mouth, it seems to be extremely Romantik, however, with the disharmony of the tones, after a while, the mood of the two will produce an inexplicable heart, easy to quarrel for the sesame little things, and finally embark on the divorce no return, today's social divorce rate Amazing, and this factor also accounts for a lot, so designers should pay attention to it, it is best not to use this color, this color can also cause neuropathy.

If you paint more green in your home, it will also make the will of the home gradually fade away. It is not generally said that the eyes should be green. In fact, green refers to the green of nature, not artificially green. Therefore, it will inevitably result in The interior is lifeless and lifeless.

The red in the family, the Chinese always think that red is auspicious, but the Korean custom is represented by red cloth in the dead family. These are just human customs, but the red series is too heavy, and the burden on the eyes is too heavy. People's mood is easy to be violent, so red can only be used as a part of the color of the match, not as the theme of the color, but the Buddha Temple is different from the home.

There are many lacquers in the home, feeling sorrowful and annoyed, and there is a feeling of horror and sorrow that can't be said. Therefore, people's brain and nerve consciousness is full of multi-layered illusion, and some people with neuropathy are most likely to avoid this color.

More oranges, although full of freshness, very warm feeling, but too much orange, it will make people feel bored.

The wood color is the best color! The primary color of wood makes people easy to inspire and wisdom, especially in the study part, it is best to use the wood color as much as possible. In short, the colors are not too much, just the right principle.

The color of the home is best milky white, ivory, white, these three colors and human visual nerves are most suitable, because the sun is a white series, representing the light, the human heart. Eyes also need light to reconcile, and the white series in the home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series is also a hope.

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