Keep away from the sound and smell in the kitchen.

Do not think that only dirty places will be polluted, and the kitchen under the cover of the window will also have a "killer" that endangers human health. In addition to the well-known bacterial dirt, there are three major noise pollution, visual pollution and olfactory pollution in the kitchen, and these three pollutions are often easily overlooked.

Noise pollution, harsh "black hand"

The clinking sound of various seasoning bottles, dishes, cookware, the whistling sound of the range hood during operation, the squeaking sound when the cabinet door is closed... These annoying sounds in the kitchen will add to the cooking time. Anxious emotions.

According to national standards, the noise in the residential area during the day cannot exceed 50 decibels (the general speaking sound is 40 to 60 decibels), and the indoor noise limit is 10 decibels below the standard value of the area. The investigation revealed that the noise of an undesigned kitchen is much larger than this standard.

Medicine has confirmed that excessive noise pollution can cause ear discomfort, symptoms such as tinnitus and earache; damage to the cardiovascular system; distraction and reduce work efficiency; cause nervous system dysfunction, and also affect vision.

Expert advice:

In order to minimize the noise pollution, a reasonable storage rack is installed to accommodate various bottles and cans; a shock-absorbing sound-absorbing door panel is installed; according to national regulations, the noise of the range hood should be controlled at 65-68 decibels, so Choose the best of both worlds, pumping and mute.

Visual pollution color "trap"

Visual pollution mainly refers to the harm caused by the wrong color matching and the use of light to the human body. Since the color temperature (light source color temperature) causes some physiological changes in the human body, different people have different preferences for color. Middle and old aged cabinets should be neutral or light in color.

Medical experts believe that too strong color will stimulate people's senses, resulting in blood circulation too fast, mood is easy to nervous; and too quiet color, will slow the flow of blood, long-term contact is easy to be slow. Therefore, these two shades are not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Kitchen decoration, in addition to considering the color of the mix, you should also pay attention to the choice of lighting. Many people think that there are xenon lamps in the kitchen and they can be illuminated. According to the designer, the consequence of this is that there are many shadows in the kitchen, namely the visually impaired area of ​​the backlight. This will affect the mood of the kitchen.

Expert advice:

It is best to install some auxiliary light sources in the kitchen to coordinate the lighting. It is also not suitable to use a large area of ​​reflective materials in the decoration to avoid dizziness.

Olfactory pollution invisible "hazard"

A lot of gas in the kitchen will also cause certain harm to human health - and no matter whether the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas will cause dangerous consequences, the smoke and fumes generated by cooking alone will be harmful to the body.

In the soot produced in the cooking process, in addition to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, organic substances such as acrolein and aromatic hydrocarbons may escape. Among them, acrolein causes symptoms such as sore throat, dry eyes, and fatigue; excessive amounts of cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can cause cell mutation and induce cancer.

Today's stylish kitchens are mostly open-plan, but the process of making Chinese food produces a lot of fumes. In the open kitchen, the air flow range is large, and the range hood does not collect the soot well, which causes the fumes of the restaurant and the living room to be polluted.

Expert advice:

To reduce the pollution of soot, the first step is to strengthen the kitchen ventilation system, followed by changing some cooking methods, frying less, using microwave ovens and rice cookers to reduce the occurrence of kitchen open flames. To open up the kitchen to alleviate soot pollution, a semi-open compartment can be added between the cooktop and the range hood to effectively collect the fumes from the cooking process.

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