Problems easily Ignored in the Packaging and Printing Enterprises' Operation and Management

In the operation of a company, there are usually some problems, such as the recovery of accounts and the control of the quantity, backup of documents, etc. Most companies do not fully consider these issues.
Market competition Most printing business owners who run the classic fast printing business see themselves as market retailers. Their transactions with the top 25 customers account for 50-75% of total sales. And most other customers can't bring any benefit to the company. In terms of experts, most companies currently rely on the number of customers to maintain the company's operations.
Organizational Problems Enterprises should strictly abide by the principle of “work order”, which can describe job details in a succinct and concise manner before production to ensure smooth workflow.
Holding a morning meeting (even for small businesses) can enable employees within the company to communicate well. It should also establish an appropriate "documentary" system. Ensure the successful completion of the job. If the documentary system is not perfect, unexpected problems may arise when production is urgent. Although this is a very weak and very tangling thing, it is indeed very important.
Safety issues The supply of work space and materials is sometimes inadequate. Usually people focus on the workflow rather than on the supply of materials—material supply is more important to the development of the company.
Some companies do not pay much attention to the security measures inside the workshop, such as the placement of fire extinguishers, the stacking of paper, the establishment of insurance systems, and the permission of printing workers to work in a security-deficient environment. All of these issues involving security must be resolved. .

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