Production of environmental protection bricks using waste residue

In June 2003, Anhui Luling Zhongli Zhongli New Building Material Factory used the large amount of slag and chimney fly ash abandoned in the local Luling coal mine waste, coal slime and thermal power plant as the main raw material for making bricks, and used excess high-pressure steam as heat energy instead of Soil, no burning, steamed out of the environmental protection brick steamer, completely replaced the traditional method of using brick to take the soil.
Anhui Luling Suzhou Zhongli New Type Building Materials Factory is the second unburned steamed brick factory built and put into operation in the northern area of ​​Anhui Province. The current production capacity is nearly 10 million pieces. The plant can reduce more than 12,000 tons of fly ash per year to the local environment. Pollution, but also solved the power plant slag and fly ash occupy a large number of sites.

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