Improve the healthy development of the industry service system packaging industry (2)

The identity of the industry group in the service system is the protector of the industry and it is entrusted by the government to guide the industry. The scope and content of its work are mainly down-to-earth to safeguard corporate interests and industry interests, and do a good job of communication between the company and the government. Industry groups should work according to the relevant regulations of the country. As a social group, the various services it provides are not for profit.
Various service enterprises and institutions are the foundation of the service system and are the most dynamic promoters of industry development. For example, scientific research institutions should provide enterprises with high-level scientific research results in face of customers and users. To help those small and medium-sized packaging companies that lack scientific research capabilities to improve their technical level and product level, and to increase the competitiveness of domestic packaging markets in China. The education unit must really combine the needs of the market and employers to improve the quality of human resources in the packaging industry. In addition, it is a large number of various types of service companies, such as exhibitions, networks, certifications, inspections, and intermediary technologies. These companies must continue to innovate, improve service quality, increase service content, service areas, such as market research, decision consultation, enterprise diagnosis, and human resource development, and grow in service. The survival and development of each unit in the service system requires the assistance of the state and the enterprise. Most of them need to create value through paid services and make profits through market-oriented actions.
In short, a complete and efficient service system must have an authoritative government department in charge of professional services for industry groups; scientific research education and training institutions for the development of the industry, and a large number of service companies with talented experts.
IV. Contents and requirements of services required by enterprises, industries, governments, and users In the age of information society knowledge economy, an enterprise cannot exist and develop in isolation. It needs various services to maintain production and expand reproduction:
1, management services. It requires both management talents and management operations.
2, quality service. Especially third-party quality certification services.
3, public relations services. This item includes corporate image planning promotion, brand promotion and product promotion.
4. Exchange services, such as exhibition visits.
5, financial services, investment and financing, leasing and mortgage.
6, education and training services. Including the low level of the draft, long-term and short-term training, academic education and technical titles.
7, engineering consulting services. Including engineering decisions, project evaluation, equipment purchase, etc.
8, logistics services.
9, patent protection and technology cost promotion services.
10. Research and development and technical diagnostic services.
11. Research human resources development, employment services, etc.
12, market research and user market analysis services.
13, capital, asset movement services.
The industry also needs services. There are roughly:
1. Industry-level foreign exchange and use.
2, on behalf of the industry level exhibition display.
3. Industry-level liaison with relevant government departments.
4, industry experts and scholars to report on the organization of activities.
5, industry sharing technology, materials, equipment research and development.
6. Industry-level international trade promotion activities.
7, industry survey analysis.
8. Adjustment of upstream and downstream relations in the industry and the industry's legal agency for anti-dumping complaints.
The basic services required by the government are:
1. Comprehensive report on industry conditions for industry management decisions.
2. Data collection of planning, consultation and market forecast analysis of industry exhibitions in line with national industrial policies.
3, the management of state-owned assets.
4. Corporate mergers, bankruptcies and the implementation and assistance of various policies. Such as hosting companies.
The main services that the market and users need are:
1. Detailed information disclosure in the packaging industry.
2, users improve packaging support. Including to provide users with packaging design and processing orders.
3. Maintain user rights.
With the development of the industry and the expansion of the market, the content and field of service requirements will continue to increase. Therefore, the industry service system must keep pace with the times.
Having and constantly improving the service system is a sign of the formation and development of an industry. The enterprise is the foundation of the service system and it is hardware. The service system is the development and assistant of enterprises and industries, and is software. Doing a good job for the company's services, for the industry's services, for the country's services, for the user's services will inevitably greatly promote the progress of the packaging industry. (Finish)

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