Gu Tianle prepares to push toy books to explore toy trends and historical evolution

[ Chinese and foreign toy network March 13] The famous actor Gu Tianle recently revealed that he is preparing to launch a toy book this year to explore the current trend of toys, history and evolution, as well as changes in the demand for toys in different eras.

Ancient music and his own model collection (data picture)
According to Hong Kong media reports, Louis Koo has always been low-key, even if it is good, it is not publicized. What he is most happy to share publicly is his hobby of storing toys.
Louis Koo loves to collect the character of the film. Before that, he held a charity exhibition and exhibited his collection for many years, from Black Warrior, Batman to Iron Man. Louis Koo bought a million-foot warehouse in Shatian to collect his beloved toys. This toy museum cost more than 10 million yuan and is not open to the public. It is only occasionally brought to the orphanage by members of the fans.
It is reported that Gu Tianle, who loves science fiction films from childhood, especially loves the black warriors of "Star Wars", and his interest in collecting film models also originated in 2003. During his participation in the film festival in Cannes, he passed through a toy store. To a one-to-one half-length black warrior model, taking off the mask to reveal the true face, can be described as a glimpse. At the beginning, the shop owner did not want to cut love. Later, after Gu Zi’s efforts to deal with him, he proposed to buy other models in the store in one breath, and finally was impressed by the sincerity of Gu Zi, and bought this heart, and he started him from the beginning. Collect treasure hunt for toy models.
Gu Tianle once said that he is a science fiction fan. His biggest dream was to play a Chinese science fiction film.
(Source: Chinese and foreign toy network )

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