Fitness should also be a holistic view: slimmers should stick to full body movement


As soon as people are old, many men will have beer belly, and women are more likely to grow a disgusting bucket waist. In order to lose these big belly, many men and women are desperately practicing sit-ups, hoping to lose excess meat and get a slim figure. However, sit-ups can really reduce the big belly ? Sports experts pointed out that the partial weight-loss method of practicing sit-ups has no scientific reason, and overall weight loss can really make the big belly smaller.

Only practicing the abdominal muscles will make the stomach bigger. Through interviews with some gyms, I found that some young men, women, middle-aged people, and some industry workers, the main purpose of exercise is to lose weight, especially to reduce the big belly, to get slim and slim, have a well-balanced body shape .

Some people have also set up a "belly weight loss" plan for themselves, insisting on doing sit-ups every day, each time divided into groups, a group of twenty or thirty, repeatedly doing sit-ups. The gym is often up to you, he falls down, and repeats the action one by one.

Many people are sweating and their stomachs are sore, until they are exhausted. A fitness instructor told reporters that only practicing abdominal muscles does not consume fat, and can not achieve the purpose of stomach weight loss. Instead, because the muscles increase, the stomach will be bigger.

Liu Wei, an expert at the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Sports Science, believes that there is no scientific basis for the partial weight loss method of practicing abdominal muscles. The idea of ​​ordinary people is like seeing a doctor. It is wrong to think that “headache, foot pain, medicine foot” can be cured. disease.

Weight loss requires systemic fat consumption From the perspective of sports, weight loss requires holistic, systemic fat consumption, and light-enhanced abdominal exercise can not play the role of stomach weight loss.

Slimming people should adhere to the whole body exercise, and on this basis, increase the abdominal movement to achieve the purpose of reducing the stomach. Whole body exercise is best for running. Liu Wei particularly stressed that running moderately, extremely fast or very slow speed can not achieve the role of scientific weight loss.

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