Rare treasures - Kauri sinensis

What is Kauri yin wood?

Gloomy wood is also known as ancient wood, oolong wood, ebony, sinking wood, carbonized wood, oriental god wood. It refers to the sudden occurrence of major geographical and meteorological changes (such as earthquakes, flash floods, mudslides, landslides, lightning strikes, typhoons, etc.) in ancient times. Some trees or wood are buried deep in rivers, lakes, and seabeds. Under the riverbed sediments, some are buried in the dark layers of anoxic, and have been close to carbonized or carbonized under the influence of hypoxia, high pressure, bacteria and microorganisms for hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. A general term for a class of wood. Kauri yin wood is a rare treasure that gradually evolved over time under the above-mentioned special environmental conditions.

As time goes by, trees or other wooden materials are invaded and ground by the sediment, and the internal nutrients are dissolved and cleaned, which removes the living space of aphids and bacteria and changes the original physical properties. . Some fish, shrimp, insects, and crabs eat silky glutinous rice, which strengthens the texture and texture of the material, forming an artistic effect of simple and dignified, copper-iron-casting, and strong and straight.

The color of the dark wood is also very different. There are brown, gray, purple, black, and there are also red or black and yellow hearts. The changes in the years have left a vast variety of textures on the surface of the gloomy wood. These beautiful textures are the result of nature's ingenuity, and their ornamental value cannot be described in words. Because the gloomy wood has spent a long time in the natural environment, its texture is between the wood and stone, and it feels very good, suitable for carving. Through the careful design and ingenuity of the engraving artist, it becomes a unique orphan, and its artistic appreciation value is fully reflected.

In addition, the gloomy wood is also resistant to corrosion and has a slight fragrance. It is also known as the “plant mummies” and has been sought after by the world as the finest wood for making furniture and coffins. The furniture made of gloomy wood is black and shiny, and there is no need to paint any more, and the darker the darker wood color, the deeper the age.

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