PDF How to Make a Document (I)

PDF is a rising star in the information environment in recent years. The author has elaborated on its role and attractive charisma in different publications. This article further discusses its use from different perspectives.
Nowadays, the effective means of sharing information via the Internet is PDF, and the use of PDF to disclose information on the Internet will increase in frequency.

PDF plays a role in the fields related to business affairs such as intelligence transmission. The most important feature of PDF (Portable Document Format) is that it is possible to share the same file in plural work terminals. Moreover, for documents compiled in the office or documents for commercial printing, it is possible to ignore its quality and how to deal with it. In this way, it can be expected to play its due role in various fields.
Since the sale of Acrobat 3.0 in June 1997, two years have passed. Acrobat 4.0, which greatly expanded its capabilities, was born. It was hoped that PDF would be fully utilized in the prepress engineering field, but in reality, In the area of ​​prepress engineering, it has not been well utilized. On the contrary, it has played a major role in matters related to affairs such as the dispatch of intelligence. Let's take a look at how PDF is used, and where it will expand in the future.
Standardization of Information Transmission Processing Methods As the Internet environment represented by the Internet and Intranet has become more enriched, there have been many cases where document data is shared through the Internet. PDF can not only pack the original document file format, but also compress the original document to the original 1/10 to the maximum 1/40, which is equivalent to reducing the file size. In addition, sharing files on the Windows environment or the Macintosh environment is the best way to share information through the Internet.
When sending files via the Internet, there are methods for viewing HTML-formatted files via the Web browser. However, using this method, it is necessary to make paper documents first, and then to create Web documents in other projects, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
With PDF, documents made from paper can be easily converted to PDF with Acrobat Distiller.
Overseas, there are many companies that have documented documents, online manuals, product catalogs, etc., in conjunction with PDF. The use of PDF to send information through the network and working procedures, can be said to have become very common.
Any media that does not rely on the user's environment is more powerful than the paper media. Some government agencies have used web pages and some have begun to disclose information. Local groups have also set up web pages and intend to disclose their own meeting records.
From the above description, it is equally important that the documents of public organizations are sent via the Internet in addition to printing on paper. And because it comes from a user-dependent environment, it can be expected that the need to use PDF to create documents will greatly increase. (To be continued)

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