21.6 °C cool summer, high-speed travel detonated Emeishan summer heat reading>>

In addition to the reputation of “Emei Tianxiaxiu”, Sichuan Emei Mountain is also famous for its coolness. Mount Emei rises from the vast plains of Chengdu. It is a natural treasure house of green genetic resources. As soon as you enter Emei Mountain, you are just like driving a leafy boat and you're in a boundless green sea. Everywhere you look, everywhere is a verdant green, covered with greenery, filled with the breath of youth and vitality of life, people feel comfortable, refreshed, completely forgotten the summer heat, anxiety and boredom . Between the peaks of the Emei Mountain, the mountains are like jade, and the water is like a greenery. Each pair of eyes is full of coolness. Let your eyes enjoy the cool and green moisture, linger on and forget.

In summer, Mount Emei is the best summer choice. The average temperature of Emei Mountain in the summer is around 21.6°C. This is the most comfortable temperature in the body, and it is also the most suitable temperature for people and people. Emei Mountain has vast forests, clear springs, and cold air, effectively blocking the heat of the outside world, and also providing a cool summer, so cool and cool with the whole body. In addition, midsummer can enjoy the ubiquitous cool fairyland at Emei Mountain: Jinding overlooking, Xuefeng enchanting, Sugibayashi lifting his eyes, dense shades, like the moon at the pool, cold and bright, clean water, flying green.

In addition, Mount Emei is known for its foggy, wind-filled clouds and rain. The clouds in the mountains are filled with changes and the Emei Mountain is gracefully decorated. Overwhelming clouds, passing through the peaks, through the show forest, over the mountains, so that the Buddhist mountains of immersed in the cool, mysterious cool fantasy. Throughout the summer, Emei Mountain can live in the deep fairy deep in the dark clouds, holding books on the waterside villas scattered on the banks of the Qingyin Lake. There are no ancient people, and there are no one who come after.

It is reported that the tourism market in Emeishan has rapidly warmed up recently. The five express trains in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi'an Emei have been fully opened, and the long-term market Emeishan Tourism Specialist Group has successively launched. The countrywide leisure and summer travel, love journey, blessing journey, and meditation journey series Large groups rushed to Emei Mountain, and many caravans from all over the country took the opportunity to drive through the golden dome. Every day, thousands of tourists flocked to Emei Mountain to enjoy a heaven-sent.

Chengle Expressway Emei Section

In the golden season of summer tourism, the high-speed traffic network of Emeishan detonates the heat of summer tourism. This summer, with the completion of the Chongqing-Zhangzhou expressway, the journey from Chongqing to Emeishan has been shortened by another hour, making it even more convenient for the summer vacation from Chongqing to Emeishan. Not only that, through the Chengle Expressway, Leyi Expressway, Lezi Expressway, Leshan Expressway, Leya Expressway, Iasi Expressway, Lepan Expressway, Lehan Expressway and other 10 expressways converge, leading the surrounding areas to the full speed of direct visitors Emei Mountain.

Emeishan Self Drive Tour

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