3 cases of style porch speed matching method 21 single products easily created

PART1 Stairway entrance creates a unique sense of geometry

Comment: If the room in your home has a staircase, you can create a porch with a simple meeting function by using the passage between the side wall of the staircase and the living room. A strip with a sense of lines can fit perfectly on the side wall of the staircase. Its slender shape and inclined staircase wall will form an interesting triangular structure. The wall decoration can be arranged as a photo wall and then matched Table lamps, photo frames and vases of the same style will be very moody for sitting and meeting guests.

Single product recommendation:

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1 Iron storage basket, simple and stylish.

2 Geometric shape table lamp, highlight the taste.

3 Bright candlesticks add color to the night.

4 Put the leaning bag on the console chair to fully enhance the comfort.

5 Fruit-colored transparent material chair, light and flexible.

PART2 small entrance emphasizes coordination and practicality

The entrance furniture does not need to be very complicated. A side cabinet can store items, but the combination of details such as wall mirrors, table lamps, and wall lamps must choose a style consistent with the small table to make the entrance look harmonious. You can further adjust the tone of the entrance with a bouquet of bright colors to add a good taste.

Single product recommendation:

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1 Do the old style porch cabinet, showing the retro meaning.

2 Black and white porch cabinet, easy to match.

3 Elegant picture frame, so that the entrance can better reflect the owner's feelings.

4 Handmade photo frame, full of pastoral interest.

5 The candlesticks with pink flowers can bring the best mood of the day.

6 Placing a small table clock in the entrance is practical and beautiful.

7 Simple wall lights provide convenience at night.

8 Flowers that will never fade, save the trouble of frequent replacement.

PART3 new Chinese style entrance creates a dignified temperament

The biggest charm of the new Chinese porch is the neat and dignified temperament, the simple and practical long table, the design of a pair of classic Chinese S-shaped legs, the riding stool with the complicated carved backrest, stylish and unique yet traditional beauty. A pair of lamps or candlesticks placed on the side table will make the entrance style more vivid.

Single product recommendation:

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1 The wooden table is simple and natural.

2 The extremely simple wooden side table can further enhance the environmental protection in the home.

3 There are too many wooden lamps at the bottom, highlighting nature.

4 Place the desk lamps in groups, the effect is outstanding.

5 The chair with full of design outline, highlight your unique taste.

6 The display of resin adds warmth to the home.

7 Such an interesting decorative card makes the porch unique.

8 The soft cushion makes the corner of the entrance also comfortable.

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