Scientists study anti-gravity ELISA kit for the first time

What happens to antimatter under gravity? This is still a mystery. However, it is more likely to "float up" rather than fall. According to Nature Communications, scientists have taken a big step toward the final answer.

Antimatter carries one of the biggest mysteries in physics. When the universe was just formed, antimatter should be formed in the same amount as ordinary matter. When the pros and cons meet, they destroy both of them and transform them into light energy. This process is called annihilation. But why is the majority of the positive matter in the universe we see today, and only a small part is antimatter?

This problem has inspired many studies to explore the difference between positive and negative materials. For example, experiments conducted in the Cerns LHCb group of the European Nuclear Research Center have been looking for exotic particles. [Annotation: Exotic particles are some theoretical hypothetical particles with unique properties, of which the most The famous one is called tachyon, and the theory assumes that it runs faster than light] and is more inclined to evidence of decay into positive matter. Recently, the Dequark experimental group reported small differences in the decay process of Bs meson, but this is far from explaining the mystery of the above matter.

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