What is the ten-ring certification of green furniture?

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The ten-ring certification is a common name for China's environmental labeling product certification, because the graphic of the Chinese environmental label consists of the center's green hills, green water, the sun and the surrounding ten rings. The center of the graph represents the environment in which humans depend for survival. The ten rings in the periphery are closely combined and interlocked to express public participation and jointly protect the environment. The whole sign means "the whole people unite to jointly protect the environment on which human beings depend."

The certified product categories mainly include furniture, building materials (water-based paints, solvent-based paints, wood flooring, adhesives, wallpapers, ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, doors and windows, cement, concrete, wall panels, etc.), household appliances (refrigerators, televisions). Machines, washing machines, air conditioners, energy-saving lamps), daily necessities, textiles, automobiles, office equipment (computers, copiers, printers, fax machines, etc.), inks, recycled toner cartridges, eco-residential houses, solar energy (hot water systems, collectors) Wait.

First, the certification advantages:

1. Government procurement

On October 24, 2006, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Environmental Labeling Products", and issued the first "Government Procurement List of Environmental Labeling Products" in China - the government procurement list of environmental labeling products. Government procurement is required to select environmental labeling products.

In particular, in recent years, the State Council has emphasized in the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Circular Economy", "Decisions of the State Council on Implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection" and the State Council's Notice on the Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction: Encourage the use of environmental labeling products and vigorously promote environmentally friendly consumption patterns.

2, bidding

The appraisal method of the bidding documents stipulates that “the products to be tendered are 5 points of the products in the catalogue of “Government Procurement List of Environmental Labeling Products” formulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection”.

3. International mutual recognition

China Environmental Label has signed mutual recognition cooperation and agency agreement with environmental labeling agencies in Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand, Northern Europe and other countries. At the same time, China Environmental Label has also joined GEN (Global Environmental Labeling Network) and GED ( The Global Environmental Product Declaration Network has become a member of the international community of environmental labels, which provides a powerful weapon for Chinese companies to cross green trade barriers.

Second, the certification body

Central United (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd.

Authorized institution: Ministry of Environmental Protection

Third, the implementation of standards

The certification methods and procedures of the China Environmental Label are implemented in accordance with the principles and procedures stipulated in the ISO 14020 series of standards (including ISO 14020, ISO 14021, ISO 14024, etc.), and are consistent with the international environmental labeling scheme practices.

Fourth, the certification process

The procedures for China's environmental labeling certification (10-ring certification, 10-ring label certification) are similar to the ISO9001 and other management system certifications. They are also divided into initial certification, annual supervision and inspection, and re-assessment certification, as follows:

First, the first certification

1. The enterprise will submit the completed Environmental Labeling Product Certification Application Form together with the relevant materials in the certification requirements to our Central United (Beijing) Certification Center. After receiving the application for certification materials, our center will conduct a preliminary review of the documents and issue a Notice of Acceptance after meeting the requirements (this means that if the materials are submitted incompletely, the qualifications for acceptance will not be obtained, let alone the contract payment.) At the same time, please apply for the certification of the enterprise and the staff of the 10-ring certification consulting and counseling agency to pay sufficient attention to avoid the impact of the progress.) The enterprise applying for certification will sign a contract with our center according to the “Notice of Acceptance”.

2. After receiving the full certification fee from the enterprise, our certification center will send a notice to the enterprise to form an on-site inspection team, and will formally report the inspection team composition and inspection plan to the enterprise for confirmation one week before the on-site inspection.

3. The on-site inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the environmental labeling product safeguard measures guide and the corresponding environmental labeling product certification technical requirements. For products that need to be inspected, the inspection team shall be responsible for sampling and sealing the products applied for certification, and sending the designated products. Inspection by inspection agency.

4. The inspection team writes a comprehensive evaluation report on environmental labeling products based on the application materials, on-site inspections, and product environmental behavior inspection reports, and submits them to the technical committee for review.

5. After receiving the review opinion of the technical committee, the certification center will summarize the review opinions and report it to the general manager of the certification center for approval.

6. The certification center will issue environmental label certification to the certified enterprises, and organize announcements and publicity.

7. If the certified enterprise needs to identify it, it can order it from the certification center; if there is special printing requirements, it should apply to the certification center and file it.

8. Annual supervision and audit once a year.

Second, annual supervision and inspection

1. The certification center shall, according to the time of issuance of the enterprise certification certificate, formulate an annual inspection plan and issue an annual inspection notice to the enterprise in advance. The enterprise pays the annual supervision and management fee according to the contract requirements, and the certification center forms an inspection team to go to the enterprise for on-site inspection.

2. At the time of on-site inspection, the inspection team shall be responsible for sampling and sealing the products to be certified, and sending them to the designated inspection agency for inspection.

3. The inspection team writes a comprehensive evaluation report based on the company's materials, inspection reports, and product inspection reports, and reports it to the general manager of the certification center for approval.

4. Annual supervision and inspection once a year.

Third, re-evaluation certification

Enterprises that have expired in 3 years should re-fill the “Application Form for Environmental Labeling Product Certification”, together with the relevant materials to the Certification Center. The remaining certification procedures are the same as the initial certification.

V. Certification fee

1. The application fee is 2,000 yuan;

2. The registration fee is 3,000 yuan;

3. The logo uses an annuity of 5,000 yuan;

4. Audit fee, the basic audit fee of a product unit is calculated as 4 persons: 3000*4=12000 yuan, and then divided according to product units;

5. At the same time, reference to the company's scale, production process, technical conditions, resource utilization, environmental carrying capacity, corporate employee ratio and other relevant conditions will be finalized.

6. Information required for certification

1. Monitoring report on wastewater, waste gas and noise of production enterprises;

Note: The monitoring report must be issued by the measurement and certification environmental monitoring department, and the reporting time is within one year before the application for certification;

The wastewater should be monitored at least for routine indicators such as pH, COD, BOD, SS, and petroleum. The detergents will be measured by LAS, the waterborne coatings will be measured by an indicator, and the phosphating process will be used. Measure an indicator of PO4;

Boiler exhaust gas at least monitors three indicators of SO2, soot and Ringermann blackness;

The noise is not less than the four measuring points in the east, west, south and north of the plant boundary;

Foreign companies are required to issue ISO 14001 certification or EMAS certification and environmental label certification (if not, they need to provide a certificate of compliance or a letter of commitment issued by the local environmental protection department);

2. Environmental impact assessment report and “three simultaneous” acceptance report;

3. Environmental labeling product assurance system documents and related records of the operation of the system (the system needs to run for more than three months);

4. A copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person;

Note: Please provide the business license that matches the name of the company and the legal person filled in the application;

The application for certification products is within the scope of the business license;

Through the annual inspection of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

5. Copy of product trademark registration certificate

Note: The trademark registration category should be consistent with the application for certification;

If the name of the registrant does not match the name of the applicant company, please provide the explanatory documents that the registrant agrees to use the trademark by the applicant;

If the trademark is still in the stage of acceptance and announcement, please provide the certificate of acceptance of the Trademark Office and issue a letter of commitment to bear the trademark responsibility.

6. Quality, safety and hygiene standards for product implementation

Note: The implementation of the national standard may not be provided;

Enterprise standards must be filed with the local technical supervision bureau.

7, product quality / safety / health inspection report

Note: Please provide a qualified product quality/safety/sanitary inspection report issued by a national or provincial technical supervision department and passed the measurement certification product inspection agency within one year;

The content of the report and the test indicators shall be consistent with the standards for product implementation and shall be qualified;

Compulsory certification products should provide 3C certificates;

National inspection-free products may not provide quality inspection reports and provide exemption certificates.

8. Apply for certified product production process

Note: The sketch is OK. Please indicate the key processes and special processes in the process. Only one copy is required for the process.

9. Organizational structure chart

10, factory floor plan (simplified picture)

11, production license

Note: The production license is submitted in the industry specified in the Catalogue of Products Licensed for the Production of Industrial Products.

12. Self-declaration of overseas products without domestic production enterprises Note: The official seal is confirmed and stamped by domestic agents.

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