Paper tensile testing machine (electric speed control)

ZLB-100 ZLB-300 paper tensile testing machine (electric speed regulation) This instrument adopts pendulum balance principle to measure force, mechanical transmission and stepless speed regulation, and has self-stop device, safe and stable use, accurate and reliable measurement. It is suitable for measuring the tensile strength, breaking length and elongation of paper and paperboard. Its structural properties and technical parameters are in accordance with GB / T 453 "Determination of paper and paperboard tensile strength" and QB / T1053 "Paper and paperboard tensile strength test "Machine" and other standards. Main technical parameters: 1. Test force range: 0-100N 0-300N
2. Accuracy of force value: relative error of indication value within 20% -90% of A scale ± 1%
The relative error of the indicated value within the range of 10-90% of B and C scales is ± 1%
The relative error of the indicated value of each scale outside the specified range is ± 2%
3. Indication error of deformation: ± 0.5mm
4. Test speed error: ± 10%
5. Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 650 × 360 × 1440mm

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