Treatment of whitening phenomenon of printing ink film

â‘  Point-type albino. The main reason is that the ink system has poor mutual solubility for the wax surfactants; the second reason is that the printing process is not reconstituted after the ink is skinned and is transferred to the graphic.

Treatment method: Aromatic hydrocarbons or ester real solvents should be added to promote their dissolution again. Or install a stirrer in the ink fountain (if using plastic pipes, use an unprinted plastic film on the outside, and then put the two ends tightly in the ink head and rotate randomly to mix the ink), or add resistance during ink manufacturing Oxygen treatment.

â‘¡ Dotted white dots. The main reason is caused by static electricity of ink or static electricity of printing material. Or due to the static electricity generated by the diluted solvent (the resistance of different solvents is also different). It usually occurs when the temperature is high or the printing speed is fast. Secondly, when laminating the film, it should be tight before loosening or loosening tight before loosening, and the static electricity is usually caused by high humidity weather.

Treatment method: The antistatic agent can be increased in the ink in an appropriate amount (excess will affect the compound fastness), select a solvent with a smaller resistance to dilute the ink, adjust the placement and reception of the grounding wire (generally 700 to 1500 mm in depth).

â‘¢ Crack whitening. The main reason is that the ink transfer performance is too poor, and the second is that the plate pattern is too shallow and it is easy to make the solvent in the ink system volatilize too quickly.

Generally, rough imprints lead to poor film formation, especially the whitening that occurs when the ink system or ink fountain thinner is added to absorb water, and most of them appear in the environment where the humidity in the workshop is too high in summer.

Treatment method: replace the ink with good transferability or replace the deeper printing plate, and add the slow-drying solvent for treatment.

â‘£Albino of the whole print. The main reason is that the continuous printing time is too long. When the operator finds that the viscosity of the ink becomes sticky or thick, he repeatedly adds a single solvent to break the balance of the volatility of the mixed solvent in the original ink system, resulting in printing ink. The ink layer is rough and white when the film is formed. The second is that even if the operator adds a mixed solvent, the excessive addition will often reduce the content of synthetic resin in the ink, and the above-mentioned whitening phenomenon will also appear. Treatment methods: one is to add 3% to 7% slow-drying solvent, especially a true solvent that can plasticize the ink and resist the invasion of water molecules; the second is to select a special thinner containing resin; the third is to add 5 to the ink % To 15% of ink-adjusting oil to overcome the whitening caused by insufficient resin content. Fourth, install a central air conditioner that can regulate temperature and humidity in the workshop or eliminate it with a moisture absorber.

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