High frequency fatigue testing machine for connecting rod crankshaft

Connecting rod crankshaft high frequency fatigue testing machine Connecting rod crankshaft high frequency fatigue testing machine

Technical parameter test force: 250kN / 500KN / 1000KN
Dynamic performance: When the working frequency is 300Hz:
——Fatigue test of fasteners with mean load of zero and amplitude of 75kN can be completed.
——Fatigue test of fasteners with an average load of 100kN and an amplitude of 75kN can be completed.
Maximum static load: 150kN.
Maximum dynamic load: ± 125 kN. (Peak)
The coaxiality of the upper and lower chucks: ≤2%.
Load measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%.
Load fluctuation: dynamic load ≤ ± 0.5% FS; static load ≤ ± 0.5% FS

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