Classic hit color makeup review

Everyone is beginning to nostalgic, remembering the color makeup of various eras, so the bright purple, neon pink, metallic strong iron ash and silver, hit the confident bright light, limited edition star frost, containing The ultra-bright formula can be applied to lips and cheeks; smooth eyeliner cream is an indispensable tool for making cat's eye lines, and it can outline the star-studded stars.

Stila hit color makeup

Stila hit color makeup

Biotherm 2005 hit color makeup biotherm Biotherm 2005 autumn and winter make-up, with the ice water reflection in the ice sheet shines like a jewel-like radiance, with green, blue, purple, red and yellow-orange, play with fresh taste For example, the warm-colored eyeliner can get rid of the heavy color of the traditional eyeliner and mix and match the eye shadow color to create a more dazzling eye makeup. As long as the two major points of the eye and the lips are selected, the card is not played. Contrast color, but it is cooler and more personal.
The autumn colors of stila hit the color makeup stila from the complex costumes of Russia and Bohemians, showing the fashionable flavor of changeable color and metallic luster. The eye makeup is the focus of makeup, and the matching method is to make the pink color and the metal bright group. Youth but personality tonality, popular gold, green, pink, purple are collected in the new makeup, limited edition woven four-color book is not lacking; 6-color new lipstick is all dyed with metal light; The starlight effect is pleasing to the eye. There are three kinds of pink gold, rainbow color and bright white. They can be used to brighten the t-part, around the eyes, or pile up from the cheekbone to the temple.
Anna sui hit color makeup anna sui popular with sexy little woman style, purple is the signature color, this autumn and winter is purple, anna sui who I am, but more to add Turkish blue, pink and other colors in the eye block hit orders The spark of people's surprise, the overall makeup is full of the retro style of the 60s, and the northern country's sentiment that is prevailing this autumn and winter. Although the magic charm eye color has 30 colors, from crystal bright pearl to pink mist change, but purple to pink is still the first choice to show sweet girl style; magic charm bright eye cream can also shine like a starry sky Glimmer, containing 5 kinds of sequins of different sizes and different colors, can make the power of both eyes unlimited; in short, mix and match in color, show the changing layers of pigments, it is the rule of thumb to create exotic luxury style. Simple operation method is worth a try this fall.

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