The use of special printing technology

Special printing can not be explained by the special format of the printing format, but should be categorized by the differences formed by the printed products. Of course, they are still developed and changed based on the four major formats of letterpress, lithographic, gravure, and stencil. . We have always used paper as the benchmark for performance. However, special printing can be performed using a variety of different materials. Therefore, the method of plate making and the method of printing also vary. For example, the most basic material, such as Cellophane, plastic skins, artificial crepe paper, metal tubes, aluminum foils, etc. can all exhibit their unique personality. In recent years, many other products use cellophane as a material for printing. Based on the unique personality of the product, special equipment and special techniques are required. For example, cellophane is used for packaging food and other factors, so the ink used must be carefully considered. And chemical changes in food or affect the taste of food, other things such as printing materials and even with the necessary additional technology is inevitable. Because the phenomena exhibited by all kinds of special printing are beyond the ordinary people's living environment, they are valued and used by designers. Of course, many performances have to choose special printing methods.

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