Deal with the release of mixed skin

Between the charm and style of a beautiful woman

1, left-handed c
Feeling: It is easier to wipe off, it doesn't feel too oily, and the feeling of coating is good. The third time I started using the pearl powder and mixed it thoroughly. Oh, it’s like the sisters introduced, that white! I stayed this way, and the next morning I only washed my face with water. It feels really good. Look at your skin as if it is tight and elastic, and your face is more white, mainly shiny, not shiny. Not bad, you can stick to it!

2, aloe vera gel Because the left-handed c can not be used during the day, there will be photosensitivity, so I chose aloe vera gel during the day. Looking at Taobao's forum, everyone said that Zhaogui's aloe vera gel is easy to use. I used to have a long grass and want to buy it. I suddenly remembered that my husband bought it from Hong Kong and didn't know what brand of aloe vera gel, so he Take it and rub it. Oh, very good, hot during the day, rubbed but not greasy, enough water, feels slippery. At the beginning, his sister brought it, I feel like glue, I dare not use it. It seems to be good now.

3, appropriate Yi Run white noodles listened to the introduction of the sister here to go to the Taobao shop recommended by everyone (originally everyone in Shenzhen, huh, huh), no crazy purchase, think is to try first, because my postpartum skin is very Sensitive, many things are useless.
Feeling: There is a little bit of tingling, but there is no sensitive redness. This is good. It is very comfortable to apply. The content is enough. After using it, it is enough for me to wipe my hands and wipe my feet. I just use the skin to feel comfortable and smooth. In order to see the remarkable effect, 5 pieces were used up in 5 consecutive days, and no surprising effect was found. It can only be said to be quite good. My skin is not black, and it does not make the skin very much improved after use. (But I think the mask may be like this.)

4, Watsons Collagen Mask Feeling: There is a lot of water, there is no sting in use (I wonder if it is water plus some spices). Oh, but it feels good after applying it, it seems to be a little better than the appropriate one. After using it, wipe your foot and find that the paper film is rubbed, this is not as good as it is. Not used continuously, because I think the mask may not improve the skin to a large extent.

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