India Customs Considers PET Bottle Polyester Staple Fiber as Textile Material

India's General Administration of Customs and Customs considers the need to classify the uniform use of PET staple fibre (PSF) produced from PET waste and discarded bottles.

Under normal circumstances, the main raw material input for PSF is PTA & MEG. "Polyester" refers to the fact that several monomers within the fiber are joined together and when the alcohol reacts with the carboxylic acid, the alcohol ester is formed. The monomer ester is polymerized under suitable conditions to obtain a polyester. The main reason for this is that polyester staple fibers produced from PET bottles and waste bottles have different uses. Some jurisdictions claimed that this product was incorporated into the plastic product of Chapter 39, while other jurisdictions stated that this product was included in the classification heading 55032000 of Chapter 39.

Another method is to produce polyester fibers from PET bottles. PET bottles are mainly used for beverage bottles, and recycling after use is becoming more common. Fibers are produced by remelting PET and squeezing the bottles.

The PET bottles were crushed into PET sheets, melted and polymerized with an extruder, passed through a spinneret and turned into tows. These tows are stretched and cut to different lengths to become polyester staples.

Synthetic fibers can come from the monomers or the polymer itself. The manufacturing process does not determine the classification of the product. The key to classification is the nature of the final product and the market's understanding of the final product.

After an in-depth study of these issues, the General Administration of Consumption and Customs concluded that polyester staple fibers produced from PET bottles are no more than a textile material and therefore will no longer be considered as a plastic under Chapter 39. Instead, the product is classified in section heading 55032000.

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