Tips on how to choose a room door

Summary: Teach you how to choose a living room door, let us take a look.

Bedroom doors: More emphasis on privacy, so most use panel doors. The size of the hole is about 900mm, which is smaller than the door, and the door leaf is about 860mm.

Study door: Available with light or full glass door, or art glass with matte, cloth, color strip, electroplating, etc. The specifications are the same as the bedroom door. The study door combined with frosted glass and wrought iron adds a lot of brilliance to the study door with a beautiful curve.

Kitchen door: It has many design styles. According to the requirements of lighting, the transparent glass door is the best choice for kitchen doors. Specifically, the kitchen can use large-area glass, which can not only isolate the fumes, but also You can showcase the kitchen cabinets that the owner has carefully purchased. The door opening of the kitchen door is slightly smaller than the bedroom, generally 750mm to 800mm, and the door leaf is about 720mm. At the same time, in order to save space, kitchen doors can also be considered with folding doors.

Bathroom door: It can be made into a panel door or a glass door. Under the premise of ensuring privacy, the center of the door can be decorated with a small piece of long frosted glass. In the use of the bathroom, privacy is guaranteed. Let outside people see a ray of light and avoid disturbing. The bathroom door can only be light-transparent and cannot be seen through. It should be equipped with double-sided matte or dark fog glass. The size of the bathroom door is the same as that of the kitchen door.

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