Five points to pay attention to the acceptance of wooden doors

1, the appearance should be beautiful: the surface paint film of the wooden doors and windows should be smooth, bright, no quality defects such as falling, bubbles, wrinkles, no corrosion points, dead knots, broken; the door and window cover should use wood and the wood of the door and window sash, Color coordination, the color difference between the veneer and the wood line can not be large, the tree species should be the same.

2, the door and window fan should be square, can not be warped and deformed, the door and window fan can just be inserted into the door and window frame, and match the door and window frame: if the door and window fan and the frame gap are large, mainly because the installation is not accurate or the door and window frame and If the floor is not vertical, the door and window sash can be removed and re-planed; if the door and window frame is not vertical, the gasket should be straightened in the frame.

3, the hinge should be accurate and securely installed: if the hinge is not upright, the door and window fans will not match the frame, and the door and window switches will not be smooth. You can unscrew one screw for each hinge first, then adjust the fit of the door and window to the frame, and then tighten all the screws after the adjustment is correct. If the hinge screw is short, or when the screw is screwed in, the screw is not twisted, or the screw is twisted, the door and window fans will be strolled. The appropriate screws should be replaced. The screws must be straight when they are screwed. The screws should be nailed into 1/3 first, and the rest should be screwed in.

4. The opening and locking of the door lock should be smooth. The two parts of the door lock and the door frame should be matched: the lock is not properly installed, which will cause the door leaf switch to be uncomfortable. The tongue plate should be removed, the tongue groove should be repaired with a chisel, and the position of the door frame lock tongue should be adjusted before installation. In addition, the opening direction of the door should also meet the requirements.

5. There should be a base material in the door and window cover: when the window cover is made of blockboard or MDF, the base plate should be fixed on the base keel of the window frame and then nailed; the door cover should be made of wood and framed. Straightened, then assembled and mounted on the wall, and then covered the base board and veneer. Tap the side panel of the door and window cover with your hand. If there is an empty drum sound, it means that there is no base board such as a blockboard on the bottom layer, and the redo should be removed.

Compost Bin

Our factory have many different kinds of compost pail for you to choose. The stainless steel one, and color painting is available. Which also have the Iron material with powder coating items. OEM products is no problem. Welcome to choose the suitable one and ask for more details and the quotation. I believe our rich experience can more helpful for you.

For the compost bin, Excellent quality compost suitable for your kitchen or outside. The airtight lid and replaceable activated-charcoal filter can control odors naturally ,if you need the more better effect, double filter is available. One piece design can resists rust and leaks, big capacity is very useful to enough compostable organic kitchen waste.

The excellent quality compost pail is easily clean and be dry, also the activated-charcoal filter can be cleaned with water and soap ,and easily to replace by another filter.


Finishing: Satin polishing ,Mirror Polishing ,Color painting, Powder Coating

Logo: Laser logo, Etching logo, Silk printing logo, Embossed logo, Decal logo

MOQ : 2000 PCS

Packaging : White box, Mail box or Customized package

Sample Time : 7~10 days

Lead Time :60 days after have the deposit

Payment: T/T ,L/C or others

Payment term: 30% deposit before production and 70 % balance against the copy B/L

compost bincolor painting compost bin powder coating compost bin


1:How can I get the sample?

We can provide the sample for customers to check the quality.

Please kindly provide the delivery info for calculate the sample cost. If you have DHL /TNT/UPS/FEDEX account, please also kindly provide it to us.

You can do the payment of sample via T/T and PayPal.

2:How about the sample time?

Usually the sample time is 7~10 days after have the sample cost.

3:How long will it take for mass production?

Usually 45~60 days after have the deposit.

4:Can we have our logo or company name to be printed on your products or the package?

Welcome OEM.

5:what certificate can you provide?

CE,CB,GS,FDA,LFGB,ROHS are available here.

6:How can we get your monthly new products announcement?

Please join our mailing lists.

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Compost Bin

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