Silk screen printing process

Process flow:
Confirm the manuscript → Platemaking (including color separation) → Developing → Fixing → Washing → Drying → Retouch → Photo screening → Retouch → Spun screen printing plate When making a monochrome version, follow the phase procedure to make a positive image Negative film, can be used to print screen printing plate.
When making a color document negative film, you can take a photocopy of the phase pattern or contact copy screening according to the phase program. It can then be used to make silk screen plates.
The specific contents of some items in the above process flow are as follows:
Determine the original - that is, to organize the original to be copied, calculate the ratio of specifications, determine the rules line.
Plate-making camera - When taking a color separation sheet of a multi-color manuscript with a photographing device, color separation is performed for photography.
Development - The developed film is developed by placing it in developer. After the sensitized film is exposed to light, the silver halide of the emulsion layer is exposed to actinic light to form a latent image. After the chemical treatment of the developer, the latent image becomes a visible and clear image.

Fixing - In order to make the image visible after the development of the photographic film remain unchanged for a long time, it is necessary to pass the fixing chemistry and the principle that the principle is to remove the unsensitized residual silver halide on the photographic film to fix the image.

Washing—Washing can be divided into intermediate and final washings. This is two small steps in the process of photolithography. It is also two procedures that cannot be ignored. Intermediate washing is performed between development and fixing, and it serves to stop the development and protect the fixing liquid. The final rinse is to rinse off fixer and other impurities. The water used in this water wash is a clean flow, and it is required that the temperature of this water is in the range of 16-24°C.

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