Furniture corporate celebrity endorsements become popular

More than ten kilometers of Lecong furniture market, you can see a large number of star photos on the outer wall. People from other places may think that it is a movie poster, but take a closer look, in fact, those are corporate propaganda paintings, the stars on the wall are It is the spokesperson of the company.

In recent years, the furniture industry has invited more celebrity endorsements. Some companies mainly aim to improve the brand height. Some companies mainly aim to attract investment, while others are looking for others to ask their celebrities to believe that their own companies should also look for them. Always, in the past few years and for a long time in the future, furniture brands will be the star of the industry.

Why are so many furniture companies asking for celebrity endorsements? Is celebrity endorsement a “magic bullet” for corporate success? At what stage is the company suitable for celebrity endorsements? Does the company endorsement must be a star? The reporter recently visited a number of companies to discuss celebrity endorsements. The pros and cons are lost.

In the past, people have seen the most in the home appliances, alcohol, clothing and cosmetics, flooring and other industries, celebrity endorsement, furniture companies have also joined the ranks of celebrity endorsements. Please don't ask the star, it will become the basis for judging whether a company has strength. Some companies even reluctantly said that they "forced Liangshan, and please do not."

Affected by the advertising effect of celebrity endorsements, some small-scale enterprises that are not upscale have also extended their olive branches to celebrity endorsements. A business owner has also revealed to reporters that he intends to invest hundreds of thousands of stars to speak for the stars. "The company's financial strength is not enough, so we can't spend too much money. We just want to spend hundreds of thousands of photos with stars to the dealer's shop door, which is convenient for us to attract investment."

However, most furniture companies have even asked celebrity endorsements, but few people know that because they seldom advertise, they are more often used star resources to print portraits on various posters. The reporters came to their factories and dealerships and saw the posters on the door and the wall knowing that they had invited the celebrity endorsements. Other industries, such as home appliances, beverages, flooring and even sanitary ware companies in recent years, can often see their celebrity endorsement ads on first-line TVs and newspapers.

The cost is tens of millions, at least several hundred thousand

Because the star resources are limited, there are many companies to be invited. In the past two years, the celebrity endorsement fees have also risen. According to the executive director of the Guangdong Provincial Marketing Association, Hui Hui said that the endorsement fee of the first-line stars was about 300,000 a dozen years ago. In recent years, as all walks of life are vying for spokespersons, and the resources of high-quality stars are obviously not enough, the number of celebrity endorsements is hundreds of thousands, and more than ten million. Hundreds of thousands can only buy the "Portrait Right" of the star.

The celebrity endorsement price tag is also related to the economic environment. In the past two years, the economic crisis was much lower than it is now. A furniture company owner in Shunde Longjiang said that he had contacted several stars in 2008. At that time, the star's endorsement fee and appearance fee were less than half of the current one.

The company's huge star signing endorsement fee is divided into all-inclusive and half-package. The all-inclusive package counts the appearance fee for participating in the promotion during the endorsement period. The half-package fee is extra, and some even shoot the film and the plane. In addition, billing. The endorsement period is mostly 2 years, and a few are 1 year or 3 years.

According to reports, Han Li cabinet signed Li Bingbing in the 3rd century. According to the introduction, Han Li cabinet signed Li Bingbing, although the number of fees in the 3rd century was only 3.8 million, but the photo and film advertisements were charged separately, and an hour would cost several tens of thousands. Signing a star for two years, including advertising companies have spent tens of millions.

However, from the Foshan furniture companies visited by reporters, the cost of endorsement is not high. For example, Swarovski furniture company invited Huang Shengyi to endorse, signing the endorsement for more than 3 million for two years. The Huari Pearl invited Jiang Hong to endoratively only spent more than 300,000. It is said that when signing the contract, it was strongly promoted by a dealer in a certain place, because local dealers liked the star. At that time, the popularity of the star was not high, and the cost was not high, Huari Pearl invited Jiang Hong to be the endorsement. Another reporter visited Jin Tiantuo Furniture, the spokesperson of the company is the small star Alpha, the company is not willing to disclose the endorsement fee.

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