Change pickles bottle packaging to win the market

Pickles bottles, mention it up, everyone has a fixed image in the mind: tinplate lid, bottle-shaped cylindrical or square glass bottles, capacity of about 200g. This inherent image is enduring and inseparable from a well-known product. Laoganmu pickle bottle, Laoganma hot sauce bottle, this old brand in the hot sauce food market has been in the decades, so many later companies are deeply affected by it.

China Packaging Network believes that there are indeed many advantages in the design of traditional pickle bottles, but pickles manufacturers want to make breakthroughs in the market, and certainly need to start from the packaging image. Only by adopting the new pickle bottle format can companies differentiate themselves from traditional companies such as Laogan Ma. The packaging design of the pickle bottle can consider the large-capacity pickle bottle can use 1 kg load and 2 kg load bottle. Can use plastic bottles instead of glass bottles, on the one hand can reduce costs, on the other hand, conducive to long-distance transport

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