Japanese Institute uses waste silk to process plastic wrap

Recently, the Japan Silkworm Insect Agricultural Technology Research Institute processed waste plastic silk into plastic wrap. The cling film is strong and stretch-resistant. For fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables, it can absorb moisture and moisture through the self-environment of fruits and vegetables to adjust the ambient temperature.

In a dry environment, it has good moisture retention, can inhibit the evaporation of fruits and vegetables without drying up; in a humid environment and can maintain the appropriate temperature of the product, will not cause excessive water, so that the fruits and vegetables are neither dried nor decayed The best fresh state. According to the potato preservation test, it can achieve the same effect as the cold preservation of the refrigerator.

Waste silk processing into cling film method is the silkworm silk and waste silk through cooking, alkali treatment, etc., to make it into a silk paste, and then mixed with special recycled fiber processing.

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